Cab anyone clarify what a pre existing condition is? 

 2021 - I had a T3, N0,M0 diagnosis. Had 5 weeks chemo radiation to shrink rectal tumour.

Jan 2022 - Had a Lower Anterior Section with a temporary Ileostomy.  Clear margins and lymph nodes clear.

End of May 2022 - Ileostomy reversal, discharged and nurse happy with wound closure. No complications. Told 3-4 weeks recovery. 

Have an an annual policy through bank account. Looking to go on holiday to Spain mid July. Should I be contacting insurance company as this has been recent?  

Best wishes 


  • Hi

    You will need to look at the terms and conditions in your annual travel insurance policy to see when you need to advise them. Mine says that I have to advise them if I've received treatment or been diagnosed with a medical condition in the last 12 months, so yours might say something similar.


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  • Thank you Latchbrook

    I will go back and have a look again as the policy is not very clear online, only says a pre existing condition so I am going to try call them.

    Best wishes