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Hi In reply to Jodie97 as I have spent all morning trying to to sort some travel insurance for my husband who has terminal cancer  which started in his kidney and has now spread to his liver and lungs. He's doing well on chemo, which has now ended.

The websites are not very user-friendly for  advice as they want you to use chat facility but have found and that after speaking to Insurecancer 01252 780190 it depends where you go. Caribbean  and USA are most expensive, Europe  cheaper they suggest you book trip then contact them 6 weeks before , before you pay balance if underwriters  wont proceed with policy then all you've lost is your deposit. Not most helpful when you are looking forward to going  away. Staysure declined to offer travel insurance as have Holiday extras  but Good to go which is on line have give us a quote  if you feel easier taking out I insurance  on booking. Hope this helps. 

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  • Are thank you Alybobs for that information,  I will look into Good to Go,  just need to enquire about the cruise we want and see if we can cancel at short notice and get our money back for all eventualities.  

    Find it frustrating at times with cancer, you just never know when it's going to comes back or were in their body. So want to give Paul a cruise at the same time I'm worried on loosing the money if we can't go.

    Well I hope you and your husband will have a lovely holiday where ever you go. Xx



    Sending big hugs to you all

  • Just done a quote on Good to go and it came back Nothing they can do. Think this will be like this for all of them unless we don't give all the information. I don't want to take the risk.Sleepy



    Sending big hugs to you all

  • That's a shame. My husbands cancer is terminal,  started in his kidney this was removed but it had spread to his liver and lungs. He has 6 sessions of chemo to try to try and stop it spreading to his brain. Think the insurance forms are not user friendly and are using the kidney as a primary then using the liver and lungs as another primary. I spoke to a person  at InsureCancer but as I said previously they will only undertake the screening approx 6 weeks before, but seemed positive at accepting him for current circumstances. Quoted me £3k for USA and £1500 approx for Europe. If you booked it youd only lose your deposit,  appreciate its money that you dont want to lose, or try and get a later booking. Feel for you. Thinking of you. All the best.

  • I got a mutitravel insurance for Europe with Insurancewith. All done online with a terminal stage 4 lung cancer and spread to lymph glands for around £200. I must admit other than the diagnosis I am fit and very well. But they might be woth a look.

  • Hi Holly molls, was the price quoted for a cruise? Hope you will have a great time away in Europe & it will give you a big spring in your step. Ok hand



    Sending big hugs to you all

  • Sorry no not cruise for me but I believe they do do that. No other place would offer me multidrop and its so handy to have to pop over and back to ireland to my parents. Rather than just winging it like I was. So many insurance companies want extortionate amounts. 

  • My husband and I always get our insurance from Insurancewith. I have medical problems and my husband has grade 4 prostrate cancer,never had any problem and very reasonable as well.

  • Hi Alybobs was it a good quote for holiday insurance