Cancer diagnosis after purchasing travel insurance

Hi, can anyone advise. Travel insurance was already purchased before going to the doctors for tests and getting a cancer diagnosis.  Is the insurance still valid? They want to charge an extra £900?!

  • Hi JacquiY

    I'm sorry I don't have any experience of this, my only experience is a long drawn out effort to get our holiday cancellation money back from Staysure.

    I bought the policy before my diagnosis and my consultant advised that we shouldn't got on holiday. We made claim for our money back but it took lots of chasing and hours waiting on the phone. plus when i did get through there was excuses about technical issues why the money wasnt transferred to us on the day they told us it would be.  So stressful and very poor on their part when I was trying to deal with Cancer.

    Iam interested to know what Company you are insured with as I have a yearly policy and I'm wondering how much they  want to increase mine by should I beable to travel at the end of the year.


  • Hello JacquiY, I'm sorry you find yourself here and in this situation.

    Your travel policy most likely has a condition requiring you to notify the insurer of any changes to your health which you have done. Unfortunately this means they can very the terms of your cover which they have done by quoting an additional premium - they could also have cancelled cover if they so wished. It's upsetting and very disappointing in these circumstances but in reality no different to any other insurance such as motor where addititional premium, term or cancellation can occur due to a change in risk such as driving convictions during the period of cover. 

    If you had already booked a holiday before going to the doctors I would expect you should be able to claim under your travel policy for any costs already incurred.

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  • Thanks Robin. Sorry to hear you've had problems too. It was through TUI.

  • Thank you for the information 

  • My husband has non-muscle invasive bladder cancer which is being treated currently.  He was diagnosed a year ago and we have a Barclays Travel Plus Pack covering our travel insurance plus car breakdown.  This product is no longer available to new customers but we phoned them in September as we wanted to book a holiday and needed to make sure he was covered.  Much to our surprise they covered him at no extra charge!  And to think that during the first lockdown we considered cancelling the policy as we couldn't go anywhere.  So, my sympathies to you Robin27 but we were impressed with the service from Barclays.  He actually had to make a claim at the end of the cruise we eventually went on in October - he developed a UTI with a very high fever.  The claim was paid within a couple of days.  So sometimes insurers do come good.  

  • Hi Elpie Bee

    It's so nice to hear when things go well, there aren't that many positive posts. 

    Best regards Robin