Unconfirmed prognosis and insurance renewal due

I have recently found out that I have a large mass on one lung and multiple metastases in both lungs, and I have a biopsy arranged for 12th May to establish the stage, type and treatment options.

I am getting married on 25th May and our honeymoon to Crete is on 27th May. My annual travel insurance is due renewal on 23rd May. I’ve no idea what to do. I’m aware the cancer is likely to be incurable but hope it’s treatable. I feel perfectly healthy.

I may not have a clear prognosis at the time of renewal so what should I tell the insurance company? 
Thank you in advance.

  • Hi and congratulations on the upcoming wedding!

    The advice from Macmillan is "If you have an annual policy and are diagnosed with cancer during the period of your cover, you may need to tell your insurer. You should check your policy to make sure." 


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