Stem cell transplants for blood cancers

A group for people to discuss stem cell transplants for blood cancers such as leukaemia and lymphoma. This can include transplants using a person’s own stem cells or stem cells from someone else (a donor).


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On Wednesday I woke up in a lot of pain in my upper stomach and side, took myself along to yj6 cancer assessunit at my hospital a d a  ultrasound showed an inflammation of the gallbladder and some minor gallstones! Was taken to Edinburgh Royal Inand then to MRI which showed gallstones, sludge and what looked like 2 tiny stones in the common bile duct so the surgeons liased with the haem-team and decided that as I was so septic, the organ had to come out. Woke up after the surgery yesterday to a wound four times the size i thought it would be and a drain in the side. Turns out my infection was so bad the gallbladder was beginning to disintegrate a d the two stones in my CBD was actually one big one which nearly perforated the duct spreading that infection EVERYWHERE.

You feel the slightest bit off no matter how vague your symptoms seem, you go to your doctor folks!

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Typos again, silly phone 

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Ah Kirsty, I am so sorry to hear this, gentle ((hugs)) to you. 

This was a scary, fast moving issue so well done you getting it checked out and that the team in Edinburgh reacted quickly. 

You are so correct that it is important to get the smallest issue checked. Most are nothing but better safe than sorry. My team have caught Sepsis quickly twice but it did need me to be proactive.

Some recovery time needed, take care and heal well xx 

Mike - Thehighlander

It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela

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Hi Kirsty,

Really sorry to read your update, but well done for getting yourself sorted out, it sounds like it could have been really serious if you hadn’t. You have had such a tough run of things recently, I’m really hoping things settle down for you and you get a smoother run from now on.

All the best


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Hi Kirsty,

so very sorry you had this emergency surgery, but good for you getting yourself seen and sorted!

hope recovery from now on is a lot less traumatic, steady and successful!

hugs xxx


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Hi Kirsty,

You’re certainly having a time of it- but I have to say that Edinburgh are certainly on the ball, it was ERI that picked up Katy’s leukaemia for a blood test for a pain in her stomach so I cannot thank them enough and obviously the same for yourself- we’re lucky to have the NHS as they certainly step up to the mark . Hope you’re feeling better now and we will get that coffee even if it next year!


KT’s mum