Post stem cell transplant

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Hi. All.  Vespa here     Just to share I am now 120 days post stem cell   Doing    g good in fact from 12 months ago   Vey good Thumbsup       I am about to move on to.  Lelonamide    Also now having.  Zometa for bone strengthening.  A.  M.  R. I.  Today on my hip ( nearly forgot about it).      Walking.   Driving.    Walking my dog !   In a morning again.       Just to let people know it gets better.        Kevin   A. K. A.  Vespa 

  • Good news Kevin..  doing what you are doing at day 120 is great - I was just starting to walk without my walking sticks at this stage…… inwards and upwards Thumbsup

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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