Vaccine programme complete !

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Hi All , a little bit of good news today .Almost a year to the day I was discharged from hospital after a SCT .

Today I have ticked all the boxes on the vaccine list given to me .It has seemed like a long haul but , I think for me totally worth it .

I'm in the North East of Scotland and have attended my local vaccine clinic .The staff there ha e been wonderfull. Vary accommodating with appointments and understanding .

I remain in remission and with positive attitude, support from family friends and staff at the hospital intend to continue with this attitude  x 

Best wishes to all Sue 

  • Hi Sue  and good to hear that you have reached this important milestone in your post SCT journey.

    I did not know you are in the North East…… I am originally from Fraserburgh.

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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  • Hi .Mike I hope you are well ,  we live in a small village just outside Aboyne . My treatment centre is ARI .

    Many thanks for your reply and the work you do on this sight. .It has been a great support to me