Decreasing neutrophils

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Hi everyone 

I am just coming up to 5 years post transplant, I have done really well ,life has got back to normal and I am extremely grateful.

In the last six months my neutrophil count has slowly declined ,it is now at 1.1 . All other counts are normal . My consultant said yesterday if they go below 1 I will have a biopsy to see what’s going on. She says relapse is unlikely and it’s probably some sort of immune problem due to the battering the bone marrow has had with the chemotherapy. If this continues she says I may have a top up of donor cells. 
Has anyone else had something similar? 
I am feeling quite normal otherwise,running regular, walking ,eating well etc .


  • Hi Mark  sorry to hear this.

    I am 8.5 years out from my second Allo SCT and my neutrophil count sits at 1.5 and can drop further……I am keeping well and getting on with life.

    Consultant says that it’s most likely my new normal and is not that concerned.

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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