Anyone else here had CAR-T? Immunisation question.

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I realise many won’t know the actual answer to this but some may have had some experience of it:
i received a letter a few weeks ago from the hospital where I had my car-t, which appears to be a copy of one that got sent to my surgery, as it was addressed inside to my doctor.
It lists all the vaccinations I should have post CAR-T (most from 12 months post) including diptheria, tetanus, polio, pertussis and meningitis.
I assume the car-t wiped out any benefit that my childhood vaccinations had?
The thing is, I had my car-t almost 4 and a half years ago!.
At the time I asked about vaccinations but they said no, I don’t need to, apart from the annual flu, and now of course covid, and shingles.
I haven’t heard anything from the surgery about it though. Is this something I should be chasing up?
Why have I only just been sent this letter so far down the line?