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Hi. I am  9 months post auto SCT and I'm feeling great.  I have a European holiday booked in a fortnight, the first holiday in a few years and we are excited as it will be so wonderful to get away after all,the treatment but also a little nervous to.  I have travel insurance sorted and I've been working on my fitness too so I can explore and not get too fatigued.My Dr says I'm good to go but advises that I wear a mask on the plane due to the recirculation of air , use plenty of sun block and don't sun bathe and don't swim yet. Does anyone else have travel advise?

  • Sounds great and well done getting insurance……it took me to be 2 years post Allo SCT to get any insurance quotes that were not more expensive than the holiday.

    At 9 months post SCT you are still open to infections ……. my infections went on for a few years before my immune system kicked in fully although I still get more than normal winter bugs so be careful.

    Do all that your Dr has said but the one thing I would ask your Dr for is some wide spectrum 'just in case’ antibiotics.

    Also be careful what you eat, make sure that your good is properly cooked all the way through especially shellfish…….. 

    Have a great time Sunglasses

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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  • Hi sunshine1

    Great your allowed to travel so soon after SCT.

    Like Mike, my wife was 2 years after her Allo before travel abroad was permitted. Maybe Auto have different criteria.

    She had to wait for all her vaccinations to be completed first which took the 2 years to complete.

    Have a great time but please remember the sun in extremely risky to SCT patients. 

    Enjoy, but take care of yourself, you've come a long way.

    Nick (Fulhamboy)