Still getting strange smells post transplant

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Hi everyone, I'm 6 months post transplant now and doing well , my taste has recovered but I still get the occasional strange smell that seems to cone out of nowhere  Less strong than it was but still unpleasant. 

Was wondering if anybody else has experienced this 6 months on ? 

Sending best wishes to all .Sue 

  • Hi Sue  not sure specifically about strange smells……. but I found my taste and sense of smell (once it had recovered post treatments) became far more sensitive and was more aware of taste and smells Thinking

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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  • Hi Sue, my sense of taste and smell are so much better since transplant, and I can smell things my family cannot. I wonder if you are starting to smell things that you couldn't before.  

  • Hello Pink , sorry for the late reply I hope you are keeping well . I occasionally still get an odd smell that no-one else in the house can smell .Also I used to love Branston Pickle but can bear it now , just tastes metallic. Small price to pay I guess ! Take good care 

    Sue x