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I am + 72 days after my SCT and recently  I found I seem to be having night sweats and sweats and flushes throughout  the day. They only.last a few minutes.  I was wondering  if this is normal and might it be menopause?  I am 47 but my doc said the a SCT can bring on the menopause early. Any suggestions? 

  • Hi  I had no sweats or hot flushes in all the years leading up to SCT….. then some kicked in post my second Allo SCT.

    Obviously my sweats were not menopausal…… but my SCT consultant did say the the bodies internal thermostat can be knocked of balance post SCT and it takes time for everything to settle down…… but the further out I went post SCT this did indeed disappear.

    I noticed that you had highlighted the infection challenges post SCT in the Myeloma group especially with regards to working in education……. I am a retired FE Lecturer and worked in the class room for 12 years before I retired and I was always catching cold and bugs……. goodness knows what it would have been like post a SCT!!!!!…….

    In the first 2 years post my second Allo SCT I was 5 times back in hospital (about 30 days) with Chest Infections, Lung Fungal Infections, the RSV Virus, Pneumonia x2, Neutropenic Sepsis x2…….. you do need to give your baby immune system time to grow ((hugs))

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