Sore Muscles post transplant

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Hi all , although I'm feeling very well 92 days post transplant I have times mostly in the morning and after exercise where my leg muscles seem stiff and sore . My bloods are all good .Has anyone else experienced this or is it just part of the recovery process ? 

Any suggestions welcome 


  • Hi Cakie

    This is very normal, your body has taken a massive hit in recent months with all your treatment.

    My wife had about 6 months of aches and pains following her SCT back in Aug 21. She's now fine and doing very well, I'm sure your feel much better in the coming few months. 

  • Thanks Fulhamboy, your reply gives me much encouragement .Best wishes to you and your wife .



  • Hi Cakie, I had my transplant last September. After 3 months I decided to do some very light weights. Was in agony after this, think it was just too much too soon. My physio advised using resistance bands, which I gave been doing and the improvement has been great.

    Good luck

    Joy xx

  • Totally normal, what your whole body has been through will require some time for it to recover. At day 92 I was just out of my wheelchair and walking with sticks so you are doing great Thumbsup…… set little goals and keep building up you muscle lose.

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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  • Hi. I too. Get sore achy  leg muscles., Especially if I've sat down for a wee while and first thing in the morning.I find movement helps and I'm walking too. Hope this improves for you soon.