Stomach cramps started day 88

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Hi everyone,

I'm day 92 after my stem cell transplant. (My own stem cells. Allogeneic). Day 88 the cramps started. Feels like terrible indigestion or gallstone cramps. I contacted my nurse consultant who told me to take omeprazole or nexium. The nexium has good effect until the evening were I can feel a kind of pulsating in my stomach. Did anybody else have stomach issues and cramps around about this time after SCT?

If so why is this happening, can someone explain this phenomenon. Surely it can't be due to the conditioning chemotherapy because I had that more than 88 days ago. So it must be something going on with my new immune system?

What are your thoughts?



  • Hi Virginia  and well done getting to this point on your post SCT journey.

    The simple answer to your question 

    Surely it can't be due to the conditioning chemotherapy because I had that more than 88 days ago

    ….. unfortunately the answer is yes. The treatments used for conditioning like Melphalan are very very strong and can actually strip the lining of the stomach/gut….. and this unfortunately takes time to recover. 

    At about day 100 is when it is expected that the baby immune system is finding it feet and will start to fight/repair problems like this.

    I had the same stomach issues and it went on for a good 4 months (I had an Allo SCT) but as I was so sick following my Stem Cell Infusion I developed Afib and ended up in the CCU unit.

    A CT showed that I had actually developed a massive Hiatus Hernia…… just a month ago I was being investigated for a Colon issue (this is all ok) and I was able to see the HH on the CT and it has completely enclosed my stomach, it can’t be repaired as it would be dangerous but fortunately it does not trouble me apart from some stomach issues but all controlled by taking Lansoprazole am/pm every day.

    Are you eating ok?…….. let’s look for this to clear up soon ((hugs))

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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