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I am currently 65 days post transplant and in the main feel well. I have some fatigue but nothing to serious. My bloods all seem well when I go in each week. 

I was wondering when the earliest time I would be able to travel again would be? My day 100 is the start of July and I was wondering if I would be able to go on holiday post that?

also would anyone have any info on insurance, I’m guessing it’s tricky to get insured post transplant. How would be the best way to approach it? 


  • Hi AMLat27

    Great to hear your feeling well.

    You are still at a very early stage post transplant and I would be very surprised if any insurance company will insure you for foreign travel at present. As you probably know 100 days is not the end of risks but reduces the chances of risks.

    Your immune system will take many more months to recover.Hopefully you have had not infections or suffered any GVHD along the way.This is the first thing companies will ask when you apply.

    My wife had AML and transplant in Aug 2021, no issues following and no GVHD. We tried after 12 months to get insurance but found it incredibly difficult as this was considered early, those that would were charging up to £2000 for a single trip, which realy showed the risks involved. In addition, I imagine you will have to have ALL your childhood vaccinations all over again, this will start approx 12 months post transplant and last for 2 years.

    We asked my wife's consultant only last month, who has said my wife, in his opinion was fit to fly again in the coming months. She has her first dose of the MMR vaccine in October followed by a second dose in April 24. We've looked again for cover on the off chance we go away towards the end of the summer and can now get annual cover for around £600 for European travel.

    Also PLEASE be very aware that sun exposure following SCT can be extremely dangerous as the risk of developing skin cancer is high.

    It is about absolutely vital you get the permission from your  consultants before you fly, but I think no insurance company will cover you if you do not.

    Please take care and I hope you continue to improve in your recovery. Please be patient and take NO RISKS.

    This is a marathon not a sprint

  • Hi  dreaming and planning about holidaying is great and we had a list of things we were going to do and places we were going……. but I can only agree with  …… insurance companies set a very high risk factor for folks post SCT…….. we are seen as having a medium to long term late effect risk rating.

    Day 100 post SCT is indeed only one of the many steppingstone in the post SCT journey. My first full on infection kicked off 10 months post my second SCT and I ended up in hospital for a week as I had Pneumonia and Neutropenic Sepsis…….. and it was 12 months post SCT until I was told I was in remission.

    But we did multiple holidays around the UK and enjoyed places we had never seen……. I had to be 2 years in remission….. so 3 years included the year to get into remission before we got good affordable travel insurance and have been abroad a few times.

    And can I also highlight about being sun safe…… the SCT process has now made your skin very open to sun damage so factor 50 and cover up……. anywhere in the UK….. even in Scotland Wink

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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  • AMLat27

    I take a slightly different view; I am prepared to take the odd measured risk to maintain my desired quality of life. I am post 2nd STC approaching 6 months, and have had Covid re-vaccinations and first batch of childhood inoculations; once complete I am happy to travel knowing that the doc has declared me "in remission" and has not objected to me travelling. I happily travelled Europe and beyond post 1st transplant.

    I travel to the Far East with Emirates who offer set travel insurance. My logic (and agreed this may not be accepted by all) is that the reason for needing this cover would be an accident or something not related to my MM requiring an immediate return to UK. I simply ensure I have a flexible ticket for the return portion, just in case.

  • Hello AMLat27.  I’ve just read your post. Im happy your doing well post transplant. Personally I think it would be very risky going on holiday so soon even after your 100 days. That old fatigue can last for quite a while. It was really the 6 month mark before I felt stronger. 
    This is just my opinion as the last thing you would want is a roaring infection in a foreign country. Always go on the advice from your medical.   Best Wishes to you