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I am new to the group, my husband has been fighting for 5+ years, originally diagnosed with melanoma has since been diagnosed with myeloma after several rounds of chemo he has last week been to harvest his stem cells in preparation.  

My first question is he has come back really really tired, is this normal also they have told us they  have not  got enough cells, they like to take 8million but have only got 6  …..  it was a Friday afternoon and been told thehealth team will let you know …. Has anybody else had this? What was the outcome.

the hospital and staff have been great, but all this uncertainty is so tiring .

Tina x

  • Hi again Tina  and welcome to our little corner of the Community

    As I said on your post in the Myeloma group I have had 2 Allo (donor) Stem Cell Transplants (SCT)

    I could not be put into remission for my cells to be harvested so had to have a donor SCT so my brother was a match so he went through the harvest…… he is a very healthy person with no health issues and he was very tired after the two day harvest.

    As for the number of stem cells…… my brother was the same, they had target but did not reach it but it made no difference in the end as there was plenty.

    If his team think there is not enough they will just aim to harvest some more.

    Be assured that this is all rather normal for this part f the journey.

    Just ask your questions and we will do our best to help you out ((hugs))

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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  • Hi Tina, 

    I had my cells harvested and there weren't enough so they took more the next day. Im now 4 months post transplant and doing so well. 

    I wrote on one of the threads further up with my full experience. Your husband may find it helpful. 

    All the best, 


  • Hi TArch  I am 15 months post SCT.  When they were collecting my cells it was done over 2 full days 8am until 5pm. They wanted to make sure I had enough as they wanted to collect enough for two transplants. For me at present… it was so worth it.

  • Hi TArch l had a problem with stem cell harvest, the answer in my case was to insert a femoral line in my thigh (not my thigh in image) a short proceedure that took around 20 minutes as l recall. The following day they got an excess of stem cells. So they can usually find a way. Bob