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My partner has multiple myeloma and after having chemo has to have a stem cell transplant. What does this entail and how long will he have to have this. It’s rather worrying

  • Hi again  and well done coming across to the group.

    I don't have Myeloma but i was diagnosed with a different type of incurable blood cancer in 1999.

    I went through many years of treatment eventually resulting in having 2 Allo (donour) Stem Cell Transplants (SCT).

    The first was in June 2014 with the second in Oct 2015.......... I achieved remission in Sep 2016 and remain in remission to this day.

    I was 58 when I had my first SCT and a month away from my 60th birthday for my second.

    There are two types of SCT:

    The first is an Auto SCT where your partner would be put into remission and his 'clean' Stem Cells would be harvested (like giving blood) then once his immune system is killed off he gets the clean Stem Cells back and an all new immune system grows.

    The other type is an Allo SCT is where the he would gets clean Stem Cells from a matched donor (this is what I had with cells from my brother)

    Do you know what type of SCT he is going to have?...... as this makes a difference to the information we would give you ((hugs))

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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  • Not sure which one he will definitely have. We are seeing his consultant on the 18 th and hopefully know more then

  • Thank you for your advise so far it’s appreciated and may you stay in remission forever

  • Hi Jane Ann

    i had 4 cycles of treatment then this Wednesday and Thursday just gone had my stem cell harvest it took 2 days but a lady in the bed next to me completed in one day, it is relatively straightforward and not to be scared of ( I was scared before I went tho!) I go for my transplant on January 31st and definitely am scared about that, I hope this helps xx Good Luck to you both xx