What happens next after myeloma stemcell transplant

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Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I'm just wondering what happens next after having my sct. They were able to use my own stemcells which I believe makes it easier on my body and I shouldn't need as much medication.,but I they haven't really mentioned what is next. Any help would be great, I know everyone iare different but a broad spectrum of what's next would be great. Many thanks in advance little g.

  • Hi again and welcome across to this little corner of the community.

    As I said in your post in the Myeloma Group, there are a few folks with Myeloma who post in the group so lets see if they are looking in.

    As I said different type of blood cancer has a different post SCT process so some folks do have follow-up/maintenance treatments but many, like myself don’t.

    The main challenges post SCT is infections and what I call the post SCT ‘leftovers’……. The SCT process can develop ‘other’ Heath challenges…… for me it’s a heart condition…. but I am not complaining as the bottom line is SCT saved my life (See my story)

    Do have a look through the helpful Life after a SCT - A Survivor's Guide as this helps put some of the post SCT challenge into some prospective.

    Indeed an Auto SCT tends to have less post process problems and recovery tends to be quicker so let’s look for this to be the case.

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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