Mixed chimerism

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I am currently 10 month post SCT. I had a DLI in July as my T cells were low. I encountered no GVHD with either 
I have recently had my third routine bone marrow biopsy & was told that my cells are not where they should be (as at month 2 biopsy ) & still on the low side. So I’m hoping that my month 3 results will increase dramatically. 
I have been told to prepare myself just incase I need a second DLI & that the chances of GVHD are higher with the second DLI. 
I just wanted to know if other people have experienced this & how they have recovered.
I am feeling very deflated atm as I had hoped the first dli would sort my chimerisms out and I could get back to normality. 

  • Hi again Annie , this is the 'nervey time' and it's all about holding your nerve. This is taken from my treatment timeline.

    Following my first Allo SCT -

    BMB at day +100 showed Mixed Chimerism 55%

    Day +160 DLI (No GvHD)

    Day +192 (Christmas Eve) I was told my graft had failed.

    I went back 10 months later and had my second Allo SCT......

    Days + 85 to + 157 skin GvHD so Cyclosporin was continued and slowly reduced

    Day + 100 BMB showed Mixed Chimerism 69%

    Day + 114 DLI (No1)

    Day + 196 Cyclosporin stopped

    Day + 269 BMB showed Mixed Chimerism 48%

    Day + 281 DLI (No2)

    Day + 284 GvHD in bone marrow - weekly blood transfusions for three months

    Day + 325 BMB showed Mixed Chimerism 65%

    Day + 304 DLI (No 3)

    Day + 332….. Classed as in remission and NED (No Evident Disease)......... which I found bizarre as a Chimerism Blood Test still showed Mixed Chimerism but in their eyes my Mixed Chimerism was steady - Some people never reach 100% Donour

    Day + 455 BMB showed Mixed Chimerism 70%

    Day + 697 BMB Showed Whole Blood Lymphoid and Myeloid Lineages are 100% Donor........ 23 months after my second Allo SCT


    Mike (Thehighlander)

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