Worried sick about lymphoma

Hi, I’m new to this and I’m just looking for a little bit of reassurance. Just a little back ground incursion o my current situation: I’m suffering really bad with anxiety I was diagnosed with gad and been given medication to help.  Anyway, about 6/7 weeks ago I felt a lump in my neck it was hard and immovable and a bit bigger than pea size (I could feel it without digging far into my neck)  if I played about with it too much it was sore. Recently it feels smaller (it feels smaller than pea size now) and it’s movable. I’ve been putting it down to a piercing being infected but it’s now been so long I’m starting to worry.  I can’t sleep at night because I’m so terrified of something being wrong with me I’m having frequent anxiety attacks and just having a really hard time coping with life. My doctors is closed to patient vista due to recent times, so I had a phone call appointment with my doctor and asked him about it and told him I’m having a hard time. He asked me the size and I told him and he said it’s probably due to my recent dental problem of a tooth infection (I’m a bit unsure about that as the lump appeared weeks before it) and he’s not worried about it due to it not being bigger than pea size and I’ve not really got anymore symptoms. But like I said I’m absolutely terrified of something being wrong and I wouldn’t want anything to happen to me because I have a boyfriend I love dearly and worried he wouldn’t be able to cope.  if anyone is free and available to give me a little more reassurance it would be much appreciated or let me know is they had similar symptoms that turned out to be nothing that would be great! 
hope everyone is taking care during these worrying time’s! 
thank you in advance. 

  • Hi and a warm welcome to the Community. I really wouldn't worry about it. I had something that sounds just like it and it went away of its own accord.  I never did know what it was. We all worry about those we love and I used to get awful anxiety attacks during ptsd after a dreadful fire. I was lucky as a friend of mine is a psychologist and it was amazing how much I relaxed just talking to her about it. She suggested talking to myself, saying things like 'you can't die from an anxiety attack' and 'leave it alone and it will pass'. I would repeat those phrases to myself silently and it was so reassuring, it worked for me. Cut yourself some slack; you're obviously a very loving person, be nice to yourself too.

    Lots of love and hugs,

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  • Hi and welcome to the Online Community but sorry to see you finding us.

    I was diagnosed with a rare type of Non Hodgkin's lymphoma way back in 1999 and I am still here to talk with you.

    I also have a pea sized movable lump in my neck and as I have had lots of scans and test over the years it's not Lymphoma, even although my main growth was in my neck on the other side.

    We do get lots of folks come into the Community asking the same question and I am pleased to say that a very very high percentage of these folks find out it's not a blood cancer.

    As you are stressing yourself and when you do this your Lymphatic System will react and this is the same for everyone. But the only way to move this forward is to eventually see your GP.

    As you understand, this is not going to happen over the next number of weeks/months so what you do need to do is "don't touch the lump" as you will make it worse and it will get inflamed - I know this for a fact as I do this all the time.

    You need to try and turn the stress levels down as this will make a difference and start keeping a daily record of how you are felling and any health issues you are having as this will be what you will take when you eventually see your GP.

    Have you had any other symptoms?

    Always around to listen.

    ((hugs)) from a safe distance.

    Mike - Thehighlander

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  • Hi, aw really? Our bodies can be so strange sometimes can’t they?! I was told by a friend they had a lump in the same place that went away after 2 weeks which reassured me for a bit but after 4 weeks it was still there and that’s when I started worrying! 
    anxiety is such a hard thing to deal with! Ive had it for a few years since I was about 16 (I’m now recently 20)! I’m only just getting help for it. Over the years me and dr google have convinced me that I have several cancers and disease! It’s hard but I’m hoping it gets better and I have faith I’ll some day feel better. thank you so much for your kind words! I hope you’re taking care! 

  • Hi, I’m so glad that your still here, wishing you all the best! 
    Yeah the stress is a real problem, and I’ll try my hardest to stop touching! 

    Ive not had any other symptoms that usually come along with lymphoma. Like I said I do have a cartilage piercing infection that’s refusing to settle down and I’ve got a dental infection but that’s on the opposite side of the lump. 

    im quite hopeful due to it decreasing in size and now being rubbery or movable! 

    thank you for your kind words and reassurance it’s really helpful for me to hear this from other people. 

  • The first lesson you do need to learn is Dr Google is an anxiety filling station  - keep away from it.

    The lump in my neck has been with me for a good few years and does change in size as I have infections, after all the treatment I have been through nothing much stresses me now.

    Take care and see how things are going in a month or so and once this madness calls down do go talk with your GP.

    ((hugs)) from a safe distance.

    Mike - Thehighlander

    It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela

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