Lymphoedema in breast - travel, compression socks?

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Hi guys, I am newly diagnosed with breast/chest lymphoedema, but have not yet seen the actual Lymphoedema clinic for any real help. 

I'm flying long haul next week. I am intending on wearing a sports bra to help with chest compression, but am unsure whether i should wear my usual flight socks?

It seems odd to try and stop gravity pushing the fluid down my body when i am actively massaging to do the same thing!

I am intending on taking a mini aspirin to help prevent blood clots.

I just wondered if anyone had any input/ experience with this? Has anyone had issues with their lymphoedema getting worse after an 8 hour flight?

It's only a 4 day work trip so I won't have much time between flights. My main fear here is cellulitis.

I'd appreciate any input anyone has. Thank you for reading.