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I have lymphedema due to cancer treatment in my groin. after yet another episode of cellulitis my leg has got even bigger going right to my ankle , i am due to see lymphatic McMillan nurses soon for new made to measure stockings but i really hate wearing them as i find them so uncomfortable i have also made an appointment for lymphatic drainage massage which i have never had before , i am looking into all options to deal with this as it is stressing me out . what do people think of the massage and has anyone tried liposuction . or does anyone have any other tips .

Thank you

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    Thank you for reaching out to the Online Community, I'm Eliza from the Community team at Macmillan.

    I'm sorry to hear that you may be struggling with wearing stockings and may be feeling quite stressed just now. 

    I'd just like to let you know that alongside the Online Community, you can also ask our nurse specialists for clinical advice. They can't access your medical records but they can offer advice around side effects and NHS processes. you can contact our nurse specialists and other support teams on the Support Line 7 days a week, 8am-8pm on freephone 0808 808 00 00email or live webchat

    I hope you've been finding it helpful to read through other members' experiences. Hopefully you will hear back from someone else who has been through a similar experience soon. 

    If you would like any further help around the Online Community, you can get back in touch with the Community team over email to

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  • Hello,

    I developed lymphoedema in my leg following surgery and radiotherapy for prostate cancer. I was referred to a very good lymphoma service, but I am aware that the availability and quality of lymphoedema services varies greatly across the country. I have been wearing a compression stocking for the last three years, it has definitely helped me and the swelling in my leg has gone down considerably.

    You may want to contact the Lymphoedema Support Network (a charity) for more information about managing your lymphoedema including how to cope with cellulitis (

    wishing you well


  • I have Lymphedema in my lower legs and have also found that wearing the compression stockings has really helped reduce the volume in my legs. I’ve just got used to wearing them and my legs feel really heavy without them.

  • I have lymphedema in my right leg since 2014 not due to cancer, actual cause is not known. It took a long time for my diagnosis, eventually had to go private. Unfortunately, not many GPs know about Lymphedema and I was thobbed off by my GP. In the last month i have purchased a compression pump, which I feel is helping I do still wear my compression stockings in the day. Definitely find the compression pump relieves some of the symptoms, aches and pains in the leg and I see a difference in overall swelling in the 1/2 hr I use it per day. It might be worth looking into and investing in if you can afford it. I brought mine from Costco and was considerally cheaper less than £700. (Most on the market are around £1000).

    I really wish more people knew about what lymphedema and the signs to look out for especially GPs and Hospitals. I had to do my own research to get treatment. I looked on the Lymphedema Service Network (LSN) and found the closest service to me only to be told by my GP I could not be referred. Was so frustrating, luckily I had private healthcare and was treated by prof Mortimer at the Royal Marsden who said I needed to be referred back to NHS after.