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Hi everyone I had chemoradiotherapy and surgery last year for low rectal cancer iv had my yearly ct scan and up to now no recurrence of cancer however I do have swelling in my leg and ankle more so in right leg iv seen my gp this morning and he is saying it's lymphedema and is referring me to a lymphedema clinic iv no real idea what to expect or even if having this would increase the chance of cancer recurring any advice would be appreciated thank you Gill x 

  • Hi,

    I attend a lymphedema clinic for lymphedema in my right breast, arm and hand. It is mild but it’s still a hard diagnosis  to take. I wear a compression sleeve and glove and will need to be vigilant for sepsis so need to protect arm and hand from cuts, bites etc and Get antibiotics for infection quickly.

    the clinic were great very sympathetic and taught me selF massage.  I feel for those with it in lower body but you can make lifestyle changes to try and ease sone of the symptoms. Drinking lots of water, cut back on alcohol and exercise to get lymph moving are all part of the strategy.

    hipe this is helpful L

  • I have lymphoedema in my lower legs as a result of pelvic lymph node removal after womb cancer. I wear compression stockings which I’ve got used to and they do help but I wish it had been explained to me about the risks of lymph node removal. I seriously wonder whether I should have said no.

    When I first went to my GP about swollen ankles she said she didn’t think it was lymphoedema and put me on water tablets. Persevered with that for about a year before finally being referred to a lymphoedema clinic.

  • Did you wait long for your referral? 

  • Not that long. About a month or so I think

  • Hi,  , did you get any info? I'm in same boat after LAR and TME . Hope you are ok