Sad and scared

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I apologise before I start for being down beat when so many in here are so upbeat . I woke early and can’t shake off three questions rolling through my mind I thought that saying  them might make them less prominent they are how bad will dying? be when will it happen ?and worry about my husband who is older than me ? even though I have an amazing family . Once again apologise for bringing the mood down thanks for listening. 

  • Hi Welcome

    None of us have the answer i am afraid, , we just do not know.

    Yes you may have these thoughts, though in one way, we are wasting precious time, we should be making the most of the here and now.

    Do not get me wrong the year  i was diagnosed was going to be a special year for this family

    Eldest grandson getting married, was going to be  my Golden Wedding and i was going to be 70, never thought i would see any of them, well i did and i have seen quiet a few more..

    The mind is a terrible thing, and we waste time, thinking the worst, i am  glad you have said it out loud, and other will come along with their view..

    Tomorrow is not promised for any one, Cancer or not.

    Please use the group you will get a lot of support.

  • Thankyou you are right I need to focus on the here and now my son and family are abroad on holiday so will focus on the pleasure of seeing them soon have a good day x 

  • You will adjust to our new life and it is.

    Please use the group, lots of good people here, who will support ech other, when they need it.

  • Hi  these thoughts are only natural, and we all get days where we feel down. Have you had any counselling? We all find it easier to talk to people that we don’t know, which is why this forum is so important. If you haven’t already Macmillan can arrange some counselling sessions for you. I’ll pop a link below, if you click on that it will tell you all about it.



    Try to be a rainbow,in somebody else's cloud
    Maya Angelou

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  • Thankyou I have been referred to a psychologist but it seems there’s a waiting list . I’m struggling mainly because of  my diagnosis i have had  nobody seems to know much about the prognosis only that it’s not good . My haemotology team say that it is so rare there’s very little information . I want to be positive and try to live a day at a time it’s just that sometimes it’s harder than others . I will look into the macmillan counsellors Thankyou x 

    • Hi Halo, oh these thoughts they can drive us made, so the councilling helps. As Elle and Chelle have said, think about today, day by day is the  way to go. Keep chatting onto  the group. We've all had them still get them at times. Take care xx
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  • Thankyou it is helpful to share with you all x 

  • Thankyou I am so grateful for your response and the others that have replied x 

  • Hello Hilo13 and a warm welcome from me though sorry you have to be here. and please don't apologise for anything, your thoughts and emotions are perfectly normal and shared by everyone on the forum. Sure we try to be positive and upbeat and for much of the time we are, but we do have our down days as well, and this is where the forum comes in. Most of us have little or no knowledge about our forum friends Cancers but we do understand each other's feelings and emotions and how to support each other, whether it's advice, to listen to a rant, a shoulder to cry on or a laugh, there's usually someone here when you need them. take care 

    Eddie xx 

  • thankyou it helps to know that I am not alone x