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 after months of scans and tests, and a month of waiting I have  deVASTATING prognosis.

I have a year to live, more or less.

they have given me one year . give or take, maybe less than a year maybe a few years more...

in any case I am devastated and I have to more strength for life.

have become a recluse, i have no patience or energy to see anybody....

always been a recluse but now ive taken to new heights.

taking meds to deal with the deep caesium im in.

i feel week and find it difficult to do any house chores.

the one thing that keeps my days from becoming unbearable are my adult children and the anti panic attacks medication

  • Hi i really, really wish i had the right words  for you,.

    Either   way they do not really know, the same with all of us that are is a guide line.

    Do you have some one that you can talk to away from family,.

    That's why in tis group, we always try and make the best of our days' what ever you may accomplish, even the smallest thing, keeps you going.

    You have said your children are keeping you going,, thats good, and i am sure they would like to see you, making the most of what time ANY of us have left., and have quality time with them

    My son took me for lunch last week, was a nice day, we sat out in the warm weather, and chatted. we where at a fishing lake, was so  peaceful,  tranquill, made me appreciate   the here and now.

    I hope other come along, to support you. 

    Please use the group always some one here for you

  • Hi xaviva, I have stage 4 glioblastoma and apparently less than a year now , stay positive and keep strong and do things that make you happy, there is always someone in this group to lean on for support, stay strong 


  • I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this.

    Unfortunately we're all in the same holey boat here but I hope knowing you're not alone gives you some comfort.

    In October I was told I have 'months not years' but I'm still going strong eight months later. The grief is a lot to handle, but it does get easier. Hang on in there and go easy on yourself

  • Hello Xaviva,  I wish I could give you a big hug,  it's awful to be given a prognosis like this, We on the forum have all had one, but as others have said its only a guesstimate and I for one take lttle notice of it .doing my best to ignore it by focusing on the positives we still have in our lives, family  especially children being by far the most important. Xaviva I have been told 4 times I wouldn't  survive 24 hours but I'm still here trying to make the most of my time knowing every day I wake up could be my last,  I'm sure your children love you as much as you love them  surely that's the best reason to get up in the morning with a little hope in your heart  that there are still good times ahead, and  you have  your friends on the forum who will always be here for you  

    Eddie xx 

  • Hi Jen9876 and a warm welcome to the forum, though I'm sure like everyone on here you wish you didn't have to be here, but here we are trying to help and support each other as only those in our situation can, please feel free to ask any questions, start a thread or have a rant. best wishes.

    Eddie xx

  • Hi Xaviva

    So so sorry to read your post.

    You've had lots of lovely messages of support this afternoon, and we're all there for you, whenever you need or want to talk.

    I'm wondering if you could get some practical help, with the housework, for example? I know you say you have become a recluse, and don't have any patience, but would it help to have someone come in for a couple of hours a week to do some housework? then you wouldn't feel overwhelmed with tasks to do. You could focus more on doing things you enjoy in the house. Even little things, like phoning your children.

    Please keep posting and stay in touch on the forum. There is always someone to chat to.

    Sending hugs


  • thank you for your encouraging words. I talk with my children but I cant really tell them how devastated I am for them, its a talk I am yet to have..

  • thank you, it helps to know the group is there. I am so sorry to hear you have less than a year, its incomprehensive for me to fathom the idea of my end, i am trying to do what makes me content even though it is to stay at home,,,

  • thank you for your words. regarding help in the house, yes I am thinking about it and get on with what i can, even if it takes me days to do something....

  • your words are comforting, I admire you focusing on the positive. I cant begin to imagine being told 4 times you wont survive and you are living life the best you can.