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Hi I’m new here. Is anyone else on Bevacizumab ? I’ve to have this treatment every three weeks, I’ve had one and my next is due on Friday I seemed to be really well for the first twelve days and now i am exhausted. I am even falling asleep sitting watching tv or on my phone one minute and before I know it I’m waking up sitting in the same position even with my phone in hand. I’m still sleeping well at night I’m in bed for 10pm and that’s me until my alarm goes at 6 to get up and get prepared before I wake my child for school at 7. I’m just wondering if this is a side effect? Thanks if you manage to read this and i wish you all well

  • Hello Teresa22 and a warm welcome to the forum, though i know your not new to the community, I'm so sorry you have to be here, I have no personal experience, though my closest friend is on it for her lung cancer and like you she has fatigue and can fall asleep any time, her oncologist told her it is not uncommon, and a side effect of Bevacizumab, she has had to stop driving, my friend wasn't told if or when this might end, but got the impression from oncologist that she is fortunate that this is her only side effect. A little about the forum, nothing is off limits, we talk about everything, everyone is the same, we are all terminal so we know what you are going through and will support you any way we can, like only we can, though mostly ladies there are a few guys we will always support each other through the difficult times and we like to have a laugh too, I'm sure some will be along to welcome you and offer some advice, best wishes.


  • Thanks Eddie. I am fortunate too as I don’t have any other side effects. Thanks for your reply I appreciate it and I guess it’s a small price to pay if that’s my only side effect.

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  • Hi Teresa22 welcome to the community and best wishes 


  • Thanks Lee. 

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  • So true Theresa, when you hear what some people are going through on chemo, fatigue and dozing off doesn't seem so bad, let's hope it's just a short term issue, though you should mention it to the nurses at your next chemo session

  • I have my consultant on Thursday so I will mention to her. My chemo finished a few weeks ago and that’s when I started the bevacizumab.

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  • Sorry Teresa  been a long day immunotherapy i know, or MABs as my friend calls it

  • Hi  

    A very warm welcome to the group but I'm sorry that you find yourself here. It is a friendly and supportive group and we all understand each other in a way that sometimes, friends and family don't.

    I've added a link above, for information about the drug you are on, if you need it.

    I am currently stable after treatment and have been since September 2022. My profile is on, if you would like to read. Just click on my username. It is a good idea to write a profile yourself as it helps others in their replies to you and saves you repeating yourself. Just click on your own username then profile and save when you've written it.

    Best wishes for your treatment 

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  • Hi Teresa22, sorry but I don't know anything about your type of chemo, but a warm welcome to our lovely group.

  • Sorry Eddie just seen this. Thank you

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