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I asked my oncologist on Wednesday about this, not down to her, the GP does it.

Just phoned GP, they do not do it, down to the district nurses, or the Hospice staff. i do not have either, thank goodness..

Wish i had never asked, Thats my rant,

  • I am not Bev, some thing clicked, and i  it told them all, if a massive stroke, then nothing to be done please., being realistic, in one one,, i would not want my children to see me like that, i am in one way, being kind, for them.

    Though every one has their own views, and we all have that right, so why not, to say know more please.

  • I think your only asked if you want DNR when near end of life or going in to have surgery and they think there's a chance you won't make it. Anyway that's what we were told when my lady's family (power of attorney) opted for it when offered,  in her living will she asked for it . xx


  • Thanks Moi thats interesting, i will find out the ins and  outs xx

  • Hi again  . I've had a look at the Macmillan booklet - planning for end of life. It is not specific as to who completes the form. Your GP may be assuming your decision is cancer led instead of stroke. Therefore I would wait until you get your hospital letter and then maybe make an appointment. If the GP is still unwilling to complete a form, then Moi2 is right and it will be completed further down the line. If you still want to proceed it maybe that you have to go down the legal route of Advanced decision. Hope this helps.

    A x

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  • Hello ellie 73, i did my DNR through my GP, IT's called the ReSPECT form and it covers treatment options too, I did mine because lately i have been having memory issues which i hope are just a hangover from treatment and temporary, but if not, it lets others know my wishes. take care, Eddie.

  • Thanks Sister moon, thats very helpful.

    It only gave me food for thought, when i had my appointment last week.

    I told my Oncologist, i will fight Cancer., for as long as i can.

    Though if the scan shows a mini stroke.  ok, though if i had a massive one, and thats what got me thinking. thats not for me.

    Thanks for the information. x

  • Thanks eddiel ,GP was saying she does not do it, though the surgery now looking into it.

    This journey sure throws us, some  bumps, i had never thought about a DNR, until Oncologist said could be a stroke.

    .Hope you memory problems improve, mine is old age, so i am told by my kids, cheek of it.

  • Hi Ellie, it states that only a GP can make this decision, I think not to is a great cause of stress, fingers crossed and good luck 


  • Thanks when i asked my  Oncologist last week, she did say GP, when i phoned GP yesterday, she said not down to her.

    Confused, no one seems to know what they are doing, only me lol.

  • I know the feeling, I've had my Brain tempered with and I seem to be the only one out of my friends and family that knows what I'm doing