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I asked my oncologist on Wednesday about this, not down to her, the GP does it.

Just phoned GP, they do not do it, down to the district nurses, or the Hospice staff. i do not have either, thank goodness..

Wish i had never asked, Thats my rant,

  • Hi Ellie,  when I was a carer it was the Gp who sorted a DNR for an elderly lady I worked for all day every friday. But different areas often do things differently . Did you ask for just details,  or because you would like to go that way. I'd have to be really ill and think I was going and didn't want to carry on. It's always a personal choice. Not anyone else's,  that include doctors or nurses.

    As for my episodes! First time blood presure  sky high. This time blood presure dropped  very low. Phone gp and nurse was sent round to check me, got to rest, it's more nearer normal.  There playing with my tablets. It's being awkward like me lol.

  • I

     I told my kids, this week, i will carry on fighting cancer, till i say enough, is enough, and that is my choice.

    Though having this, what ever blip, and turns out mini stroke, got me thinking, i would not like, a massive stroke as such, then nothing to be done, they all agreed.

    . Well my GP said they do not do it.

    Might phone Macmillan and find the right way, though some one did goggle and  it said, it is the GP.

    Make you laugh, when i phoned and gave name and DOB, she replied, do not have you on the system, i replied, well i m not dead yet. Got to laugh

  • Hi  

    I've just had a look on an NHS website, it said GP or your hospital team, which is not very helpful to you as both of yours have said it's the other. If it is the district nurses, they should be able to do a one off visit for you to complete the form. I would ask for more information from the GP or maybe make an appointment.

    Just to be clear to all, a DNR form is only for resuscitation/CPR, it doesn't include other treatment. If you would like the decision to be legally binding, you would need an Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment or living will. The charity Compassion in Dying has an Advance Decision form which can be filled in online. For anyone interested in this information please see NHS online DNACPR decisions. I'm sure the Macmillan helpline staff would also have information, this is the link to contact https://www.macmillan.org.uk/about-us/contact-us

    I hope you get your wishes recorded Ellie.

    A x

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  • These receptionists make me ĺaugh, I had to spell my name 3 times this morning.  Lol. Your team and gp don't think you qualify for it. xx


  • Thanks Sister moon, well gp saying not up to her, and Oncologist saying the same.

    Never  thought about it before, though after my appointment, made me start thinking.

  • It should be every ones, choice, they are the patient, i want to be in control, of my life, or end of life.

  • Ellie you are so brave having that conversation with your kids . X