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This is the first time I have been on this as I have kept my diagnosis secret, I was diagnosed in December, no treatment for the cancer, I had COPD I thought it was that making me really breathless, my family know now so I can stop hiding it

  • Hi and welcome though sorry you have had to come here..

    Can you enlighten us a little, so we can reply a little more,

    I also have lung cancer, incurable, from day one,

    You will get a lot of support here, when and if you need it.

    I would not have got this far, without the support of everyone else,

    Others will come a long, to say hi, a friendly bunch, though a bit crazy at time.

    You can say what ever you wish, rant, moan cry, laugh we ll have those emotions, we are human, after all.


  • Yes I was told in December had no idea,  it is in my lungs throat and lymph nodes,, I have no voice at all now, thank you for messaging me 

  • I am 52 years ago 

  • No need for thanks, we are all here for each other, and we do support every one.

    Others will pop in when they are about, and welcome you,

    I am sorry no treatment is on offer,

    It is hard at times, as we all know, and we all get down days, some one will always listen and help if and when they can.


  • if you can fill out your profile it helps others to read a little bit about you,

    If you click on my picture you can read mine, and that's what people do, to get a rough idea, of what that person has,

    Saves people keep asking, x

  • sorry thought i had read you was not on treatment, could have got it wrong, i do some times lol

  • Hi Njec71, sorry you've ended up on this site, but we are a friendly supportive bunch. All I'll say at the take everything one day at a time, if uou need to rant or cry just do it don't feel alone as Ellie has said we're here for you. This group has helped me alot over the last 3 years. Be kind to yourself  and do keep posting sending hugs . xx


  • Dear Njec71, a warm welcome to you. I’ve only been in this group for two months and I have found it so much help.  I am genuinely sorry to hear about your symptoms. Please feel free to stay in contact on here as whilst we may all have varying or different cancers, we are on a similar journey, xxxx

  • Hi Njec. I have incurable lung cancer and it took me a while to come out of my black hole and to be bold enough to join this group. We are a muttley crew who support each other on our journeys through the good times and the bad. Do hope we can support you. 

    Judy xxx