Funeral Arrangements

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Hello, this is my first post here. I am so grateful to have found this community.

i don’t know if this is a rant, but has anyone else organised their own funeral? I am doing it to take the burden off my family, but also to get what I want. Is it weird to be thinking about the design for your own headstone? It doesn’t feel weird to me. I think I’m doing this while I can. 

Thanks for listening!

  • Well done you I have thought about that but keep putting it off as if its no set down in black and white maybe have longer than was told . Myself I am just no in the right place to do it but the time will come . Hope you get longer than they say my friend 

  • Hi my hubby and i picked ours a few years ago, before we got diagnosed.

    For the same reasons, to take pressure, of our children and did not want any arguments, if the all wanted some thing different,

    To be honest, i remember the day, we never laughed so much, both siting with a brochure, picking out what we wanted,.was the best thing. when the lady said,  would you like to be laid out in a shroud, OMG no thanks i will look, like a witch, was my reply. I have my new pj's all ready and put away.

    I want to be cosey as i will be having a long sleep.

    When my hubby passed, was so easy, one phone call, and that was it, nothing to stress about, all  taken care of.


  • Hi MiniMouse, sorry you have found yourself on this site, but we're a friendly bunch of incurables.  Yes nothing wrong in doing your own arrangements. I have bought my cremation plot, my urn and put the money away for my stone, so you'll find alot of people on here have done there own arrangements, saves the family having to do it. Take care xx


  • Thank you! For me it’s been strangely therapeutic. I am not sure how long I have either, hopefully longer than I fear! X

  • Thanks Ellie, yes I think you’re right! It’s actually not depressing me to do this, it feels like a bit of a celebration of life. I’ve ordered a nightie! X

  • I think, we all have to do, what is best for us, what ever, that may be. When it is done, you can forget about it, knowing your, wishes have been noted.


  • Thanks Moi! Yes I think you are right - better for the family to get things sorted! X

  • LOL Nice one, ,my kids, would not have know what to put me in, a black refuse bag, i  reckon lol.

    On the same wave length, and you picked what you wanted, xxx 

  • Ha ha! Yes I was just picturing my family having no clue what to do!!

  • LOL Made you laugh, well mine would not, that's for sure,

    So they do not have to even worry about it, I have even told them what flowers i would like and so on.