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Does the fear and stress of living with this ever get any easier. How do people cope with daily living when its always in your head.  Fed up feeling scared and continually bursting into tears. i seem to spend all my time wallowing in self pity instead of trying to get on with living. Im ashamed that i dont seem to have come to terms with this Any advice please. x

  • Hi Tricia

    I'm the same when i think about it, i get angry too.

    My way of coping with it to distract myself with something as soon as i start to think about it. 

    Everyone deals with it differently, maybe this is your way.

    It's one hell of a thing to come to terms with so don't feel ashamed.

    Maybe arrange something to give yourself something to look forward to, even it's only something small like meeting a friend for coffee.

    Sending you a hug

    Cat x.

  • Hi Tricia we all have them feelings, sad tearful angry gradually you'll come to terms with it. As Cat said you'll find your way to handle it. Me I wack the music on loud and dance like a mad woman, or clean my flat, some people exercise. It's what ever uou can manage. XX


  • I'm exactly the same. It Just doenst go out of my head. I went out last night with friends then cane home and cried .went to bed and cried.ive noway come to terms with it .I don't actually no wat to think anymore to be honest. I've rang the helpline and they were really good so wenever you feeling really down give them a ring they can put you in touch with amazing councillors xx

  • Have you phoned the Macmillan helpline?  They are really understanding.  They have heard it all before and will have some suggestions for you, or will just listen.  

  • Hi  , it's so tough and such a great shock at the beginning. I was diagnosed in March 2015 and honestly Tricia, you will eventually get used to the diagnosis. Try to keep active by taking up a new skill or learning a new language at night school. You know yourself what you like so throw yourself into it.

    Even though I was diagnosed almost 8 years ago but I still think about having cancer a couple of hundred times a day. The internal pain subsides, I promise.

    Tvman xx 

    Love life and family.
  • Hi Mmum thankyou for your response and very helpful advice. hugs to you xx

  • Thankyou for responding to me . i really appreciate that you took the time. I so hope things improve for you i am  always here if you need a chat. Sending you a great big hug. xx

  • Hi Tvman thanks for the great advice and hope that things will get easier to live with. it is very kind of you to respond. Here hoping today is a good day for you. Hugs and best wishes to you. xx

  • Morning trica.i hope you slept well. Today is a new day for us both so try to grab it with both hands. I'm goin out this morning but I'm free this afternoon if you want to chat xx