Has any one been asked this during their journey

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Afternoon Every One

Siting here thinking, like i do some times.

When my husband was in Hospital, the Doctor came round and asked him, if he had a DNR in place, which he did not, and because he had lost his voice, the Doctor asked him, would he like one put in place, my husband nodded Yes, i said to hubby, do you understand what the Doctor is asking , again he noddy yes.

Threw this journey no  one has ever asked me that, though i will be asking my GP and Oncologist the question, but i siting thinking, what do i answer. 

  • Hi Ellie, I haven't been asked that, but a lady I cared for was asked it by her GP. The GP explained what would be done to resuscitate and told her in her opinion it wouldn't give her much more time if it even worked. Mind you the lady was 87. She opted for DNR. XX


  • It has got me thinking, when i had my first chemo on the Monday, it caused a heart attack on the Sunday,so i am a bit bewildered xx

  • Hi Ellie,

    I have my DNR in place. I think they ask this when palliative care is involved. xx

  • Oh right, i did not know that, thank you xx

  • When it's offered I'll have a DNR. But I would like to Die with Dignity , it should be law in this country for those of sound mind and terminal, that's my thought anyway xx


  • I have to agree with you Moi, i know Tom was in hospital for 6weeks, two weeks, at home, then hospice.

    I had never been in one only for reiki , but he said that's where he would like to be.

    If i can say it was wonderful it was, the care, was out of this world.  I stayed with him night and day for 6 days, the care, talk about the nhs, well the hospice   was five star, and that is where i will be going xx

  • Oh Ellie, I live very close to The Marie Curie Hospise it's in walking distance. I have worked with quit a few of the Health Care Assistants that work there, even trained some if them. That is a reason I moved here. I don't think Dying with dignity will become law here in my life time, so will probable go the hospice xx


  • Moi i  just not  can believe how wonderful it was, felt like you was in a hotel,when i took tom in, they asked for all our  children's names and grandkids, called every one by their first name, even took our dog in, wonderful that's all i can say xxx

  • Yes Ellie these people are angels to patient's and family's. Most are charity run so they have better levels of staffing and can spend quality time with patient's and family's as you are aware of this. XX


  • I have been ask to think about it by my oncologist when i was first diagnosed. So we done it together...many pages. But now as i live here we have assisted dying..and i will go for it when the time comes. Then i have donated my body. so all sorted here.