Playlist for our Govt

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The Desert Island playlist made me think about songs appropriate for the current shambles which calls itself a Govt especailly after yesterday's shenanigans.

It gave me some vim and vigour, when at the moment I feel quite listless - so how better to counter listlessness than with a list! :

Such a parcel of rogues in a nation ( Steeleye Span)

Fools to the left of me, jokers to the right ( stuck in the middle with you) Stealers Wheel

Selling  England by the Pound ( Genesis)

Living in a Gangsta Paradise ( Coolio)

From Russia with Love

Money for nothing ( Dire Straits)

Thick as a Brick ( Jethro Tull)

Pretty Vacant ( Sex pistols)

Money ( Pink Floyd)

You're so Vain ( Carly Simon)

The Great Pretender ( Queen)

I could go on, but over to you - any spring to mind?  I am just so tired of the political landscape and so enraged by what is happening to NHS, Ambulance Trusts, Dentistry, etc etc etc

If I have offended you - well in a politician's  way I will say, sorry for any offence caused ( but like them I dont actually mean it)

  • I think you might offend a few people, politics, sex and religion, are a few topics, that  every one had a different opion on and should be  kept on the side line.

    Ellie x

  • Just remembered " Fight for your right to party " Beastie Boys.

    Hope you had a  few doors slammed in your face.

    Sorry @Elllie 73, but keeping taboos does no one any good - people can disagree, thats fine and my list is supposed to be humourous,   but with an edge of real outrage.

  • They are all the same. I used to seriously disagree with people who said that but not now.

  • Sorry OBS but I agree with   and  Ellie isn't old fashioned and set in her ways, there are some topics that are not to be discussed in this group. It can lead to bad feeling and can cause a discussion to become aggressive among those who are posting. I think something happened between members of this group when a thread was greatly moderated and some posts were removed completely. Unfortunately this thread could develop in such a way.

    Over here in Northern Ireland some discussions involving politics and religion in the workforce are taboo. There's also a flags and emblems act and one section of that prohibits people from bringing cups etc that involve their supporting football clubs. There are no sectarian messages involving particular Scottish football clubs. 

    So, OBS, don't think I'm being old fashioned or set in my ways, I just like a peaceful area in which to support my fellow incurables.

    Tvman xx

    Love life and family.
  • I have and had no intention of entering into a discussion about politics - we can all have an opinion and express it, without getting into debate.  I have  never have made any secret of my socialist leanings, and will not suppress them as they are an integral part of me and venting is healthy in order to reduce my stress,My post was an attempt at humour, which obviously landed like a lead balloon with some people. Taboos and refusal to talk lead to the divides we have in our society ( and your part of the world is riven by division as you say). In the past talking about cancer was taboo, talk of dying still is, and we have areas of life which have caused people pain from fear of speakiing of them.. So I will draw a curtain over my post, but it wont be the last in which my political leanings may  be clear- as the feminist movement said " the personal is the political", there is no getting away from the fac that the politcal world has an everyday  influence on everyone;s lives and especaily all of us here who use the NHS and support services.

    And no @Ted, they are not all the same - there are good and bad in every party. but.................

    I hopefully will be back to my supportive self in a while.