Hi everyone from another newbie!

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I’ve replied to some posts in the last couple of days but thought I’d say Hello to everyone . 

I’m  52 and  was diagnosed  with Stage 3 Hormone Pos BC in Oct 2018. I had the full works , mastectomy, chemo , radiotherapy and Tamoxifen. For a couple of years I was then in and out of hospital due to infections from Radiotherapy including sepsis . i went on long term antibiotics and eventually the infections stopped around Nov 2021.  

I got around 18 months with a break and then in July 2023 was rushed to hospital with pains. After an ultrasound they said I had a gall bladder infection but had seen a shadow on my liver and sent me for a cat scan as a precaution due to my history . They thought it was just inflammation but it was obvious it was cancer when I had the CAT scan. 5 weeks later after several appointments and a Liver biopsy, I was diagnosed with BC in the liver stage 4 with a prognoses of 2-5 years.  It was a huge shock as I’d had no symptoms and one of the tumours was 9cm! 

I have since been on the targeted drug Verzenio and Letrozole. The first scan in November shows that the tumours had shrunk by 25% which was  great news and all the side effects were worth it. 

Just before Xmas 23, the gall bladder problem flared up again and I ended up in hospital for 2 weeks with sepsis and had to have my gall bladder removed . I was lucky to survive the ordeal and it was touch and go . I even got a visit from the priest at one point! 

Anyway , I have just had my second scan and everything is still stable which is great news ! I am now trying to enjoy life while I can on good days and have just been to Portugal on a mini break. I intend to travel as much as I can this year . I’m taking it scan by scan and trying not to think too far ahead as you don’t know what new drugs will be available in the future . I ‘m also determined toutlive my little doggy Alfie as he’d be lost without me along with my hubby! 

  • Welcome on board Sammy! I'm another newbie who joined very recently. They're a lovely bunch here, you'll like it. Really good to hear your latest scan is stable. I'm having my next CT on the 9th with results on the 19th. Loving your determination. Enjoy all your travels and make the most of every minute Grinning


  • Thank you Skraggy! It’s took me a long time to get my head around it and there’s been lots of tears but now I want to try and enjoy life the best I can! (In between treatments and side effects). I know it  will be a roller coaster and things can change quickly but hopefully support from this friendly group will help and I’ll support where I can too! Good luck with your treatment and scan and thank you  for your  support. Xx

  • Thanks Sammy Grinning Yep I imagine we've all been along that emotional journey and it certainly is a rollercoaster. I've been very lucky in terms of side effects all through chemo and radiotherapy and apart from a knackered thyroid and some liver level issues, immunotherapy has so far not given me too much grief. Touch wood! We all need a bit of support at times so it's great that places like here exist. Wish I'd joined sooner. We're off out to see family shortly so will bid you adieu, have a lovely afternoon! x

  • Aww I’m so glad you haven’t suffered much with side effects. Have a lovely afternoon with your family . It was lovely to chat xx

  • Hi guy's, looks like I missed you both signing on, welcome any way, both of you, enjoy you Easter.

  • Hi Ulls and thank you. I’m sure we’ll find this forum very helpful as we go on this roller coaster of a journey! Enjoy your day and take care x

  • Hi Sammyharry and a warm welcome from me, great to see your in the stable mabel club and living life the best you can, which is the best way to live a positive attitude is so important to us all, though we all have our down days too I too have a little dog a jack russell called Poppy, who I'm sure you can appreciate are wonderful companions especially when we are feeling down, PS It's mostly ladies on the forum and they will be along soon, hope you are enjoying Easter, take care.


  • Lovely to hear from you Eddie !  I’m trying to be positive but of course have down days like us all . I think we need them too!  I just read your profile and it’s great you are stable too ! Fingers crossed we can stay that way for a while . I’ve been told my treatment could keep me stable for another 10 months at the most but hopefully there’ll be another drug they can try then. I’m just trying to take each scan as it comes but it’s scary just before getting results! Aww your doggie sounds adorable. I think my Alfie is definitely 50 percent Jack Russell , he has all the naughty traits! They do make you feel so much better though when feeling low. Have a good day and good luck with your treatment . Thank you for reaching out to me . I’ve attached a pic of Alfie.  xx

  • Hi  

    A very warm welcome to the group. Pleased to hear you are currently stable. I'm stable and have been since Sept 2022, which i still can't believe. Sometimes I wonder if it was all a bad dream but then remember that this is not Dallas haha. I love the photo of your dog, there is a group you may be interested in, this is the link  Animals are family too forum 

    I hope you enjoyed your mini break. We are going back to Portugal in June, we've been a few times before and really like it. I hope you find lots of support here, everyone is friendly and we keep each other going when sometimes it's hard. It sounds like you've been through a lot so I hope you're on the up for a good while yet. Best regards.

    A x

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  • Thank you Sistermoon. I’m so glad you’re stable too. I’ve read your profile and you’ve been through the mill as well but you’re doing really well! Dallas ha ha . Aww Alfie really keeps my going, he’s a cutie . I loved Portugal , we went to see Depeche Mode as VIPs! They are our favourite band so we thought why not! I’m glad you’re going back, maybe we will one day. 

    Thanks for reaching out and I’ll look at that forumBlush. Take care xx