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Hi All had base of tongue cancer that spread to lymph nodes had radio and chemo all sorted happy days , partner of 30 years left  Diagnosed with heart failure . Someone drove into me while I was stationary at traffic lights , don't know why but rang cancer nurse who made appointment with consultant , He said you might not need an operation but you are having one lol. They removed 33 lymph nodes 2 were cancerous , Got the all clear for a while , 8.5 cm tumour on liver non cancerous and unspecified node on lungs , great no cancer . Another scan tumour on liver cancerous and in neck and both lungs . I asked the   oncologist  underling who was doing the interview  am I brown bread and she said yes which was a bit choking and made me upset . She said usually they would not offer treatment but only because I was fit they would treat me. I said let's do it and signed the consent forms there and then. She said there is a 30% chance of it working . I am doing 6 chemo of carboplatin and 5fu every 3 weeks , I saw oncologists assistant again and she said I would be looking at months rather than years worse case , She doesn't seem exactly pumped up for this cancer lark is my observation so far 

  • Hi Minmax, my god you've been going throught the mill. Your in the right place for letting of steam. There is always somebody about to add support. It'd quit a shock to be told a few months but most people on here have heared that so we do understand how you feel. All I'll say is listen to your body , if tired rest, hungry eat upset cry or scream and be kind to yourself. Keep posting xx


  • Thanks Moi2 Yes it's all just a shock at first tbh . We're all going to die anyway it's just a matter of when which is kind of out of our hands. I don't fancy a slow painful death but who does lol. Agh it can be that bad people have been doing it for years. All the Best Minmax 

  • Hello Minmax and a warm welcome from me, though nobody wants to be here, being here is a good place to be for us terminals, you will find many wonderful people, mostly ladies though a few men happy to help and support you or if you just want to chat or need a shoulder to cry on we can do that too. take care.


  • Hi Eddiel Thanks for the warm welcome. I am not bitter or twisted about anything , I am both lol  no not really . I have nothing to be upset over to be honest . I am going to die so big deal arnt we all . All the Best Minmax 

  • Hello Minmax,

    I'm just going to give you a big hug because you obviously need one after going through that pile of kack.

    Say whatever you need to on here to get through it day by day. We're all different but we're all in the same boat and have each been handed different versions of the same bad news. I hope that you can make space in your treatment to grab some positive and uplifting times - yes they do happen. Best not dwell on what the medics might tell you in regard to timelines. It's only ever a guess and new treatments pop up all the time. So hang on in there, keep posting and let us know how you're doing. There's always somebody here.  Be kind to yourself,  Rainie x

  • Hi  

    I'm very sorry to read all that you've been and are still going through. It's a lot for one person to cope with. I did like your dry humour re the oncology doctor though. I know they've got to give you the facts and there's no easy way to do it but the blow could have been softened a little bit.

    Welcome to the group, you will find lots of friendly and supportive friends here. We know how you feel when sometimes family and friends don't. I have had a different type of cancer, you can read my profile by clicking on my username. It is a good idea to write a profile yourself as it helps with others replies to you and it saves you repeating yourself. Just click on your own username then profile and save when you've written it.

    I hope your treatment goes well and that you get more time. Best regards.

    A x

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  • Thanks Sistermoon for the warm welcome , I read your profile and you certainly have been in the wars . I know life is suppose to be a trip but a nice one would be good . I wish my oncologists assistant would get a bit enthusiastic about living lol All the Best Minmax

  • Hi Rainieday Thanks for the warm welcome  , I do love a rainy day also.  Something I discovered yesterday which I never tired is a frappe from Starbucks which my daughter got me and it really helped ease  my mouth sore , they are ffffffreezing and give you an instant headache if you drink to much . I just got another one today , I wish I had know this when my mouth was a right mess last time . All the Best Minmax 

  • Hi Minmax, Welcome to the Group where you will get as much support as you wish.

    To be honest I wouldn't take too much notice about what the assistant says. They are assistants because they are usually still learning and it sounds like this assistant needs training in how to talk to patients. Please wait and ask your questions to the Consultant! As Moi said, we've all heard we only have a few months left but a lot of us are still here! 

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Thanks Annette Its nice to get someone else's point of view All the Best Regards Minmax