hello world out there

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was diagnosed with Brain Cancer.

Had specialised  Stereotactic Radiotherapy

Now i am waiting to die. there is no way of knowing how long it will take.

meantime I need to adjust my life to what will come.....

  • Hi and Hello back to you.

    Not sure how to answer this, i suppose we are all waiting to die, though not anytime soon, if i have my way..

    Lot of people will come along, to say hello. though glad, you found us. I make the most of every day, the best, i can.

    Its not always easy, and i have my down days, though tomorrow will be different.

    Nice to meet you. x

  • Hi. Many of the profiles on here will show you that plenty of us incurables don’t let cancer define our lives and are living life as well as we are able for as long as we are able. Me, I’m off on a cruise on Friday.

    You will find plenty of support here.

    All the best.


  • thank you for reply. I am freshly diagnosed and still unable to see a life further than cancer. Enjoy your HOLIDAY!!!

  • HY, JUST here struggling alone with my mortality sooner than I expected. a catalyst, a life changing event..

  • hello Ellie, its a completely different way of living my life, I am trying to be positive but it aint working...

  • I was new on here 2 weeks ago, I am still waiting to find which cancer I have, ct scan tomorrow diagnosis and treatment plan on the 18th. Ellie welcomed me with open arms as a lot of others on here , their words and advice have been invaluable and you don't feel like you're going through this alone, because you're not. As Ellie says we are all waiting to die, be it today, tomorrow or 50 yeas from now, whether from cancer or something else that's the only inevitable event that happens to us all. I was in such a bad place a fortnight ago, but you will receive so much support from people on here, you will get through the bad days and enjoy the good. Blush

  • Hi There

    Having an incurable diagnosis is hard for us all. Make everyday count try not to sit & wait. Come along, chat & ask questions we are all here for one another.

    Take care


  • Hello Xaviva, You don't want to be here of course. None of us do, but it's a great group of people who are collected together by circumstance and support one another. Everybody in the same boat and understanding of all your fears and concerns. I hope that your cancer team have a plan for you. They usually do. Please don't think that all you have left is the end. There can be a lot of good life after diagnosis, though when you first get the news, it won't feel like that.

    Keep posting and you will get to know us. There are people on here who have gone well past their 'sell-by date'. Sending you hugs and support.  Rainie x

  • Yes it is a different way of life. though it is life, to a certain degree.

    I am getting a new bathroom tomorrow, my kids kept on at me, mum, you need a new bathroom, my reply, no, i am not wasting my money.as incurable and stage 4 from day one.

    I will not see the benefit of it, well come the 16th of this month, it will be eight years, since, diagnosed, i should have done it then.

    It takes time, to adjust, to learn to live, with a diagnosis, we cannot change it, i wish we could, so we have to pull our big girl knickers up, and go forward, do not waste time and energy worrying about it,. Time and energy needs to focus, on the time we have left, be it a small time or a long time.

    You will see from others, how they cope.,