On my own now

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I'm sat in bed  with private tears wondering how on earth things have ended up this way.

I have 2 children (11 and 19) and in the middle of a break up.  Despite always being strong and independent I now feel weak, scared and very very lonely now.

Are there others that are doing this on there own???  I'm just so disappointed and hurt that someone walked out during the hardest time.  He made my life and cancer so much easier and happier. 

I feel like he's taken the end of my life and ruined it- I could never do that to anyone.

Sorry .... I'm just rambling because I'm so lost today

  • I'm so sorry Victoria that you are having to face up to such hard issues all at once. Please join us on our daily chit cat page when you are ready. There, is a lot of lovely people who you can share with and who will listen.

    Go on ramblling. Life can be so tough but as you say, you are strong in character...hold on to that. You will get through it with a liitle help from your friends and family also your virtual friends who get it!

    Sending love n hugs Revolving hearts Hugging

    Judy xxx

  • Hey Judy, Thanks for noticing me!

    Daily chit chat ... is that a separate group?

  • Ellie is the expert in tracing round the incuralbles forum, Are you on this, think you must be for it to be sent to my email box.

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  • Hi Victoria, welcome to the incurables 


  • Victoria you can do this, Judy is right. plenty support with in this site,

    They where not the person, you thought they was.

    Different circumstances for me, i was dx 2016, and my hubby was right there with me, threw thick and thin, i finished treatment and two days before he got a dx, to me thats not fair, i was with him, then he passed.so in one way he left though threw no choice of his,

    I did not think i could carry on with out his support, how would i survive , four years later i am still going, stubborn i will do this, to proof i can and i know he would want me to.

    Then my daughter got dx i was devasted, but again one foot in front of other and go forward.

    The site kept me going, i did seek counselling which was a great asset,

    Do not get me wrong, i have my moments and had quiet a few in  private, i try t and protect my children, though they are adults now, and only a few weeks ago, i told them how i felt..

    The nights are the worse, and your mind kicks in, a terrible thing we need a switch to turn it of, if only..

    Tomorrow may be different, and you see things a little differently, and as we say, get out  our Big Girl Knickers, and pull them up, i reckon the sales for them has gone hay wire.

    You are not alone, though you may fill like it, at moment, give the Macmillan a call, they offer, counselling,  where you can let out all your thoughts, easier to some one that is not so close.

    Most of all do it for you and proof, to the person that walked away, i do not need you, and i will proof it for myself and my children.

    Glad you put pen to paper, and let some of your thoughts and emotions out.

  • Well, Ellie has said it all. There are people on here who have had exactly what you are going through.

    it’s hard to believe people can act like that but they do.

    you will get to the other side, we all guarantee that .

  • Hi @Victoriab73

    Daily chit chat ... is that a separate group?

    It's here ->  Lovely Morning-Chit -Chat- Thread No 19  

  • Hello again Victoria, so sorry to hear how you were treated by your partner, Like you i couldn't do that either. You are still the strong and independent woman you were before so don't let him take that from you, give yourself a duvet day, we all have them and come back recharged emotionally afterwards. You have lots of friends here, including a few men, who may have passed their best before date but have good hearts as do the girls who are all in their prime.


  • Hi  

    I'm very sorry to read that your partner has walked away. I can't begin to know how that feels. Is there any chance of saving the relationship? Would he be willing to attend relationship counselling? 

    Relate are the UK's largest provider of relationship support. This is their website www.relate.org.uk

    If you are feeling lost and low at the moment and need to talk to someone these charities can provide advice and support


    Samaritans support line Tel 116 123

    The Macmillan helpline will also provide advice and support, this is the link to contact https://www.macmillan.org.uk/about-us/contact-us

    Keep in touch with us as a group , everyone here, as you have seen, is very supportive. I hope that this is a temporary situation for you but if it is absolutely final, then just know that we are here for you. 

    A x

    What is a Community Champion?

    I am a Macmillan volunteer. 

    Macmillan Support Helpline

    0808 808 00 00 

    7 days a week between 8am -8pm

  • I am so sorry to hear this Victoria. I can’t even imagine what you are going through right now. How can l advise… l would say, whatever happens, try to squeeze out every bit of happiness you can find. Being on a forum like this is a good start. You can get face to face counselling through Macmillan. It is so important to talk about things to anyone who will listen. Sending hugs