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Hello and thanks for reading! Slight smile

I've added some info to my profile but the short version is that it was recently confirmed that my duodenal cancer is incurable. I did ask the oncologist re time and was told 12-18 months although that is a median for similar cancers rather than specific to me. Regardless, I now know from reading posts here that timescales are pretty meaningless also that I'm incurable rather than terminal and this is making a big difference already.

Looking forward (I think!) to reading more and maybe sharing a bit more as well.

And thanks to   and   for recommending this group.


  • Hi Mike,  It's a very daunting  getting incurable  but treatable diagnosed. If you'd like to read my profile press my picture.  I was told 12 to 18 months October 2019 well with all these new drugs they just don't  know. We're there's hope we just keep going. Rant, rave, cry or laugh we all do time to time. Be kind to yourself  and listen to your body. Keep posting xx


  • Hi your very welcome, a lot of support here, and we keep each other going, all in the same club, as such, and know how some one may be feeling at times.

    We laugh, cry, rant, scream, we all have those feelings, we are human after all.

    Others will come along to welcome you, it is not sunny here, dark and due another storm'.

    Been to Edinburgh many times, my relations lived there, i am in Essex  though at times i always think people are just round the corner, would not be with out this site,  has kept me going, on many occasions. xxx

  • Hi Mikel

    We could all live in the same town here! We support each other like good neighbours. North Wales has had its share of rain but no bad storms have reached us...yet!

    Our lads will be pleased that you have joined us as they always feel out numbered!

    Take care and keep posting


  • Hi Mikel, and welcome to our unique family of incurabls, like the girls I am way past me sell by date, there are only 2 men who post at the moment so your a 50% increase, looking forward to getting to know you.

  • Hello Mike, really glad you made your way over, fairly new myself so don't know everyone as much as i would like to, but keep reading posts and occasionally join in and as a friend of mine says, we are treatable with a dash of denial, take care, Eddie

  • Hi Eddie, makes a change for you to be posting on the group you should do it more often, how are you doing.

  • Hi Ulls, I am doing OK,  a few niggles and unwanted appointments  just like everyone else. Take care, Eddie

  • Hi Mike, Sorry I'm a bit late but a warm welcome to the Group! I'm glad Eddie & Mmum steered you in the right direction. After all, you know what they say? " You should always do what Mum tells you! Lol! Yes it will be good to have another gent post. There are a few men around but they haven't been posting much, so maybe you will inspire them!

    I am another one who is well past my sell by date and I'm sure sure you will be joining us in the future! There have been leaps and bounds when it comes to new licensed drugs and lots more in the pipeline, so that is encouraging.

    I was sorry to read in your profile that you don't feel you have had a full life! So now is the time to write a list of what you would like to do and work your way through it! It is never too late! I hope you will join in with the posts here so we will get to know you. By the way, I'm in Bishopbriggs, near Glasgow, so welcome to a fellow Scot!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Hi Mikel..glad you found us. We're a bit crazy but can be serious to. I was told 10 to 12 months also...well that was 2015!!!! So don't give up living now. welcome again from Australia..and yes it is warm and sunny 30 degrees here atm.

  • Thank you everyone for the lovely welcome - I feel I'm in good hands. Slight smile

    I'll have to admit that I'm an adopted Scot as I'm from Ireland originally.

    I do hope to 'live a bit' more although not sure what that entails yet. I've returned to work part time and have just made a claim on a basic life insurance policy which, if it comes through, will clear the remainder of my mortgage making it easier to retire early - even though I like my job - to perhaps travel a bit more. My partner doesn't fly, is not keen on boats, tunnels or motorways so that will be a bit challenging although beneficial also as taking the slow route is often much more pleasant and more relaxing.

    I'm not expecting there to be anything new on offer at my next oncology appointment at the end of Feb so I will at least explore the dog-worming/turkey tail route - anything that doesn't harm me and that might do me good anyway. I haven't been out on the bike in months, which has been the main barometer for how I'm feeling mentally/energy-wise, but have been to a local bay for a bit of wild floating (I cannae swim really) so I'm hoping to keep moving at least. Slight smile

    I took up playing the accordion a number of years ago and can play tunes with others a couple of times a week - I find this a really good distraction from not just my own concerns but what's going on in the world generally. I've also joined a local men's shed and am finding that a refuge of sorts. I'm also lucky to have a very supportive partner and adopted family.

    Wishing you all the best on your journey,