Keeping out if hospital

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I was just hospitalised for a week with an infection. Pretty nasty and very low blood count too so had injections to the stomach to stimulate the production.  I haven’t been able to have the immunotherapy while in here and so treatment has stopped. Anyone else been in hospital with infections while having treatment? Did it matter to your treatment?

  • Hi Bassey, sorry you have been threw this set back..

    At my  set back, i had not started immunotherapy, i was on chemo, and the first one caused a heart attack.

    I thought they are going to stop the chemo, no i had to have a 6 week break, to get over heart attach, and a different chemo, was  the  plan.

    My oncologists said we  know how long we can withdraw treatment for.#

    I then had 8 more chemo's and two years, on immunotherapy with no further problems.

    Hope others come along if they have an answer for you. x

  • Hi Bassy,

    These infections can be difficult to get rid of. Yes I was in hospital while on a Trial Drug and thought that would be the end of treatment for me. However I stopped the drug while I was in hospital and restarted two months later.

    Im well passed my sell by date so it didn't seem to affect me at all.

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Hi

    I am on immunotherapy and had it paused for about 10 weeks for an immune related adverse event.  I was not happy about it even though I had read trial papers which showed gaps in treatment didn't impact outcomes.  I mean, let's not put it to the test, huh?!  The positive outcomes continued after I restarted treatment and now I look back and laugh at how I felt about it.  But rest assured it was NOT funny at the time.  

  • Hi Bassy 

    Sorry to hear you been so poorly & in hospital, I have no experience of this but just wanted to say I am thinking of you & sending a big hug xx 

  • Thank you for this message it is very reassuring.

    fancy having a heart attack after chemo, as if things weren’t bad enough!

    I hope you’re okay x

  • It scares me to death but this is so reassuring thank you for responding, you have no idea how helpful this is to me xx

  • Just the lift I needed today, thank you for responding, it’s made me much happier xx

  • Hey Martello

    i hope you are doing well x thanks for the big hug it really is gratefully received.

    let me know how you’re getting on.

    best wishes


  • Hi i am laughing, a very very rare  side effect of chem. i never see that when i signed the papers.

    Yes i am good, so 6 weeks rest and i carried on, no problems.

    Glad you fill a little brighter.


  • Hi Bassy, sorry about the late reply I've been on holiday, in answer to your question since being diagnosed I've had covid twice and sepsis , cancer meds stopped until the infection was sorted, now everything back to normal, just living life with my family as it should be lived, happy happy happy.