Hi all

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So having stood on the sidelines I've decided to take the plunge and post.

I'm 54 with Renal cancer and mets in bones and lungs. Permanently tube fed as tumour is obstructing stomach  Following a 14 week stay in hospital my prognosis is poor lol.

Emotions go from ok to sobbing on a daily basis and am genuinely scared of what's round the corner for both myself and my husband..

Am enjoying reading the posts and will be posting again no doubt.

Cheers - Stu.

  • Hi Stu, and welcome to the friendly supportive group that we all wish we didn't need to join! I have a similar cancer to yours, primary in my right kidney with mets in most places.

    I have times when I feel scared about the future, and days when everything feels 'normal' too. I try not to plan too far ahead, but have found it encourages me to have some positive things planned to look forward to, even if they aren't always possible when it comes to it.

    I hope you are able to post more, when you need to. You'll get lots of encouraging responses from this forum!

    Best wishes Candysmum

  • Hi  Stu

    Sorry you have had to come here, but you are most welcome/

    We are all here for each other, in good times and bad, and we all have them.

    , You can moan, scream, laugh, cry, scream we do not mind we have all done it,  at some point.

    Glad you have now appeared, you will get a lot of support, if you need it and we do support each other.

    I have a different  cancer but as humans we all have the same emotions,


  • Good morning Stuart 

    And welcome to a lovely group, all be it one we don't want to be in, but is there for you as and when needed it.

    I am 80% RIG dependant, due to tongue and right side of floor of mouth cancer.

    Hope you have a great day today.

    Cat x

  • Morning Stu,

    Similar to you, it took a while to join on line. Mixed emotions during an incredibly emotional time. Welcome to, as lots have said, the best group you never want to join.

    Have you had any counselling sessions? I never used to believe in the "pink fluffy", having experienced it from a carer and now "the patient" perspective, can't push it enough. 

    The main things now, to keep on keeping on, to try and not bottle things, feelings, outbursts, etc up, and to thoroughly use this forum. As per previous, we would all rather not be here, however, being here gives us unique insight that the "norms" don't have!



  • Hi Stu, welcome to this supportive group of incurables. If you want to rant, rave scream cry or have a laugh your in the right place we've all done these things here, looking forward to speaking to you. Keep posting, sending good vibes xx


  • Hey Simon thanks for the reply. Just arranging some Macmillan counselling Thumbsup

  • Thanks for your reply x

  • Hello Stu

    Just popping in to say Hi and to say I'm thinking of you. The incurable lives are a yo yo... up and down but we are here for one another.

    Judy xxx