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I had kidney cancer in 2021 which went to my lungs in 2022.  Try to make the best of each day but sometimes that can be a struggle when feeling sorry for myself.  Most days I try to forget that I am ill and carry on as normal though do get more tired.

I'm very lucky in many ways as I have a caring family and good friends who do support me when I feel a bit down which isn't as often as it was was when first diagnosed. 

Tomorrow I go for the results of my 3 monthly scan and always get very anxious beforehand as I always have to prepare myself for the worst just in case.

Take care everybody and enjoy the sun as it always makes us feel so much better when we see it.

Thanks Betty

  • Hi Betty, sorry you've had to join this group, but your very welcome. We are a friendly supportive group. If you need to rant, cry, or just chat your in the right place. Yes waiting for scan results does make most of use very anxious, some of us call it scanxiaty. Anyway good luck with your results. Are you on treatment ?  Look forward to chatting with you. Take care keep posting. xx


  • Thanks Moi for replying. I have been on Pazopanib tablets for 14 months which have kept the cancer fairly stable. You take care. Betty

  • Hi Betty123, fear, worry, feeling sorry for yourself are quite normal, I think you are handling thing well, being open with your family, doing things to take your mind of C is the was forward.

    My oncologist said I was to let him take care of the C and I should get on with my life doing things I like, and hes right, I know the C is always there in the back of my mind but I don't worry about what I can't change, even the side effects by having them I know the drugs are still working.

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  • Hi sorry you have had to find us, though you are most welcome.

    We support each other and help people as we go along., tou can unload here anytime, moan, rant, scream, cry and yes laugh that is what helps us get threw,

    Some one always here, i would not have got this far, if it ws not from the support i have had that's for sure,


  • Thanks Ulls. As u say we have to take each day as it comes and make the most of them. The sun helps a lot. Take care. Betty xx

  • Hi Betty

    Welcome to Incurables. Sorry you have to be here but now here you will find a lot of support. Good luck with all your treatments. 
    Jac x

  • Hello Betty,

    I’ve recently joined and I’ve been given so much hope that I didn’t see before. 
    You sound a positive person talking about what is good in your life. Keep trying to focus on that although I know that’s hard.

    Good luck for tomorrow.


  • Thanks Jac and sorry for the drlaybinvreplying but didn't get the best news so have been feeling sorry for myself. Now have to pull myself together and get on with some Radiotherapy starting next week.

    Always get anxious before starting something new.

     Take care 


  • Sorry Jac should read reply before sending.  Should he delay in replying.

  • Hi Betty, just like to say RT shrunk my prostate tumor, the RT continues to work long after you have had your last session.

    I've also had my blader checked by a camera, not only embarrassing but very very uncomfortable, I know it's a worrying time but there's always a silver lining big hugs Ulls