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Hi everyone

Not really sure what to say here, Ive never joined a forum before but I guess I'll just tell you a bit about my journey so far, here goes.....

So I was diagnosed 2 years ago at 37 with rectal cancer and they were very positive about treatment. I had radiation first of all but unfortunately this didnt work. I then had surgery last August and had lots of things removed and reconstructed. This didnt go as well as was hoped and I was told a few months ago that they wont be able to cure it now but hoping we can manage it. 

So currently I'm getting chemo. I have a scan at the end of the month to see if it has shrunk. Hopefully it has and I can have a wee break from chemo until it starts to grow again.

Im not sure how long they can give you chemo im scared to ask the question so I just havent, id rather just live day to day with hope rather than be told a timeline.

Anyway thats where I am at the minute (apologies for the long winded story)

I have never joined a forum or talked to anyone else really who is going through the same thing, I dont even really know why I'm here now but here I am lol 

It will be nice to feel part of a community and not so alone. I should also say that I have the most amazing family support but I find I try not to worry them so im always 'fine' and 'i feel great nothing to worry about' so it might be nice to have a place to say how I really feel.

I feel like I'm ranting on and on here so i'll stop now lol 

I hope everyone has an amazing hope filled day and look forward to getting to know you all

Sending lots of positivity to everyone

  • Welcome Liz, to the bit of the forum where nobody wants to be. You rant away and get it all off your chest. You'll find support and understanding here as well as a lot of oddball humour. Lots of assorted cancers here and often there will be others on the same treatment you can compare notes with, but the thing is that nobody knows how long we each have - and it's just a guess as far as the doctors are concerned. So many things can change: new treatments; a clinical trial to go on etc. There are people here who have gone way past their 'sell-by-date' as we call it. So keep that chin up.

    Here's a hug to be going on with.

    Rainie x

  • Hi Rainie

    Thanks so much. Im already glad I joined. Even just reading a few other stories has been surprisingly comforting if thats the right word. It'll take me a while to figure out how the forum thing works but i'll get there xx

  • Liz, if you click onto your profile, you can fill in details of your cancer and treatments there. Others on here will be able to read this and know where you are with it all. This saves you having to repeat yourself. If you click on my avatar, you can read my profile and then you'll see how it works.

    Rainie x

  • Hi so sorry you have had to join this group, though you will be made to fill very welcome.

    Great bunch of people, and we all support each other, when ever we can, or when it is needed, and we all need support, and understanding of what a person, is going threw,

    We where all new once, and know how that person fills, it is a hard journey we are all on, it i a roller coaster that has, so many twists and turns, ups and downs, and we have to go with it, in the best possible way,

    You can say what ever is on your mind, and no one will judge you, we laugh, scream, rant, moan all part of being  human.

    Like Raine others will come along, you are never alone, i can assure you of that, xxxx

  • Thankyou Ellie

    Its definately a roller coaster but at least we are all on the ride together

    Sending hugs your way xxx

  • Hi Liz39,

              Welcome to the group, everyone here are really welcoming as I found. I to am suffering from the dreaded rectal cancer, I was diagnosed in January this year and diagnosed as incurable have had stoma fitted which has eased things and just had my fourth course of chemotherapy. I am having a scan on 9th May with result appointment on 23,rd May. 

       I am living every day to the full make sure I have a laugh every day. 

      We are all here if you need us.

    I have a peaceful easy feeling.

  • Hi Benji79

    I also have a bag nearly a year now, how are you finding it? Sending lots of positive vibes your way for your scan. I find waiting on scan results so frustrating

  • I am getting used to it , I did struggle at first had a couple of accidents with the help of the stoma team at the hospital I have sorted it and got over the stigma of having it.

                Thank you for the positive vibes, I know I can't beat it but I'm going to have fun fighting ,I have a fantastic family and group of friends who keep me occupied.

            Sending you positive vibes for your journey for your treatment.

    Peaceful easy feeling.

    1. Welcome Liz you are in the right place! There’s lots of support for one another. It took me a while to join in the sometimes crazy humourStuck out tongue winking eye but we are all free to be REAL. Just pike it on what you feeling and thinking. 
      sending hugs Hugging Judy xx
  • Pile it not pike it Joy