Secondary Breast Cancer

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I have newly joined your group so wanted to tell you a little about myself.

I just finished treatment last August for Lobular Breast Cancer.

2 months ago I was diagnosed with secondary Breast Cancer in my Sternum Ribs and Spine.

I was told I was high risk of cancer spreading at the time of mastectomy. 

It didn't make it any easier when this was the case and happening so soon after my treatment ending.

I am finding it very hard to process and don't believe this is actually happening to me.

I have other health issues.

The main one being Lupus.

I have just recently started chemo tabs so see how that goes.

I live alone with my dog called Fern.

She is such a joy to me.

I was a nurse but had to retire due to Lupus.

Doreen x

  • Gi Doreen

    Sorry you have had to join, though you are most welcome.

    You will get a lot of support, from every one here, all  different types of cancer, but all know what you are going threw,

    Hope others come along, with the same type as you, and they may be able to answer any questions you may have.

    Though every one has some form of knowledge one way or another,

    You can have a rant, cry, scream and we do laugh as well, what every is called for, some one always here to listen.


  • Hello Doreen, firstly a very warm welcome to you. Our experiences of cancer are very similar (please see my Profile) but I am saddened to read that you had only finished treatment for a matter of months before Secondary was diagnosed. I would be very happy to answer any questions, not that I am in any way an expert but we are walking a similar path. I have read of ladies who have had Secondary Breast Cancer for many years and coped well with various treatments. Lots of us here love animals, me included!, so hopefully we can share stories and maybe photos of your lovely Fern too. Very best wishes to you and you have come to the right place for companionship, humour, discussions, crafts, travel AND support. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Whoops! I’ve just realised that Fern is your profile photo - she’s gorgeous. HeartDogHeart

  • Yes that's my wee girl.

    She is 11year old Lhasa Apso.

    Recently been unwell with Pancreatitis. 

    I'm so glad someone pointed this group out to me.

    I am stunned this happened so quickly.

    I had a very bad time with side effects from the chemo.

    Got sepsis after the first round of chemo.

    The Lupus causes me to get bad side effects from drugs.

    Thank you so much for replying to me.

    Doreen x

  • The right support is so important. I'm sure you will find it here. You certainly do have a beautiful little dog. I have two pug crosses, Merry and Pippin. One had to have most of his tail removed during lockdown. Cancer again. Now he has a little corgi tail instead of a curly pug one. He seems fine though.

  • Oh so glad your little dog is okay 

    Such a worry when they are ill.

    Fern was so ill for 2 weeks plus I was trying to deal with my diagnosis but I focused on getting her better.

    She is due another ultrasound on 3rd May 

    She just doesn't want to miss out as I have so many scans lol.

    Doreen x

  • Hi Luppie, I think we met on the SBC group. Good to see that you found your way here. Lovely group of people here

    Jac x

  • Yes we did.

    I recently joined this group.

    I have been struggling a bit and tearful.

    Had some lovely people replying to me.

    Doreen x

  • It’s not surprising that you are struggling, you’ve had such bad news to try and process. Cry, rant, rage and throw cushions, it takes a while to get your head round it all. You can tell Fern all about it and she won’t tell you to be positive and fight it! That’s one of the things that people said to me and I found that difficult as I felt I was doing my best. Being positive is very difficult at times and you have to be kind to yourself and you will get there eventually 

    Sending hugs 

    Jac x

  • Thank you for your kind words.

    I too have had those things said to me.

    I am fighting so hard but there are times it's all so overwhelming. 

    Doreen xx