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Good morning to you all just thought I would introduce myself.My name is Brian I have been diagnosed with stage 4 incurable rectal cancer which has spread to my liver and lungs. Prognosis is not good but I am fighting. Had my 2nd course of chemotherapy last week. Still getting used to it all. 

  • Welcome to the club that no one wants to be in Brian! It’s a lovely group, lots of support here. Hope your treatment isn’t too gruelling 

    Jac x

  • Hi Brian, sorry to hear your diagnosis but your in the right place. We'er all in the same boat on this site. Lovely supportive, friendly people. If you want to rant, just get it of your chest. You can get advice and most of us find it's easier to talk about you cancer with people who are going through it as well. Take care and do keep posting xx


  • Thank you for making me feel welcome, I didn't think life could be more cruel as I lost my wife to lung cancer last July. I suppose you could call it character building.

  • Thank you for making me feel welcome I must admit I have noticed people having chemotherapy are so nice and friendly considering what they are going through. I will be honest it's not a club I would have joint out of choice, but do far everyone I have met and spoken to have eased the process. So thank you for making me feel welcome.

  • Hi Brian

    Sorry your here, but welome.

    Hope you're having a good day today.

    Cat x

  • Morning Brian''As others have said you are most welcome, though sorry you have had to come here,

    I know where you are coming from, i was diagnosed, with lung cancer, then my hubby got a dx  gullet cancer, i lost him eight months later, then my  daughter got dx breast cancer, Never thought i would get this far, without my hubby, though i have, 

    The site has kept me going, i can moan, talk about how i fill, or have a laugh, what ever you fill like at the time, everyone here to support each other,

    It is harder i think now i am on my own, though i know, he would be saying you go girl (i am not a girl if only)Please use the site, go to the chit chat thread, just for every day nonsense, at times, you would be welcomed,


  • Thank you for the welcome

    • Thank you for the welcome 
    1. Oh Brian! I’m so sorry to hear that, life can indeed be very cruel. You will have a lot in common with Ellie. 
      Jac x
  • Just knowing there is other people coping is giving me strength thank you.