Hi my name is Tricia i have lung cancer and are a newby today.

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Hi my name is Tricia. I have lung cancer I really appreciate being allowed to join this group. x

  • Good Morning, any one and every one can join,pleased to meet you, though wish it was else where,

    I also have lung cancer, this is the incurable group, though there is a lung group as well,

  • Hi Ellie nice to meet you. im sorry you find yourself with this illness. isend my thoughts and best wishes to you. x

  • Thanks but no different from every one else, though you have found a great bunch of people here.

    glad you found us.

    Your new and i am an oldie in many ways so if you need to ask anything, or have a moan please do,.

  • Hello Tricia nice to meet you but wish it was in different circumstances. You've found a good group of people here and your in the right place to have a rant, a cry, a chat even a laugh Smiley All I'll say is take one day at a time, if you need to cry then cry, it takes a while to except our diagnosis.  Keep posting and you'll find plenty of support. Sending hugs xx


  • Hi Tricia

    i think I said hello on another thread but welcome again. I have secondary breast cancer spread to bones and lung. Nice to meet you 

    Jac x

  • Good morning Tricia and welcome to the group. We're a very friendly, supportive bunch here and just to pick up on what you say, thanking us letting you join. It's confusing when you have to click on a button to apply to join us. We have no say on that, I think it may be the moderators deciding if you're incurable or not because it's only incurables as members in here. 

    I was diagnosed with incurable bone marrow cancer in March 2015 and I'm still here 8 years later almost. I wasn't given a prognosis, my wife asked the haemotologist and he said different people go down at different rates. Others have been given 9 months a few years ago or less maybe and they're still here because trials become available for them, new drugs become available and their lifespan dramatically increases. We say that these people are well past their sell by date! 

    I hope you'll be happy here and you can ask questions or answer some in time when you have your feet well under the table Slight smile. Hopefully speak to you again soon Tricia.

    Tvman xx 

    Love life and family.
  • H ello Moi2 thankyou for the lovely welcome. could certainly do with a laugh seem to have forgotton how to laugh. i am always here to offer support or to chat. big hugs to you. x

  • i am so sorry that you find yourself with this awful disease sending you lots of hugs . x

  • Good morning to you Tvman. I am so sorry to read your diagnosis, yet oddly uplifting to read that you are still here 8 years later. it gives hope to people. Im definately past my sell by date lol. Ihope we can have many a chat and thankyou for taking the time to post a message to me. It helps greatly especially as people have their own burdens to carry. Take care. Sending hugs and best wishes to you. x