Hi my name is Tricia i have lung cancer and are a newby today.

Hi my name is Tricia. I have lung cancer I really appreciate being allowed to join this group. x

  • Hi Mmum thankyou for responding. its nice to meet you. i hope we can have many chats. hugs x

  • Hi Tricia.

    If you tap on my avatar you can read my journey so far, like you I have lung cancer. I have a treatment plan which I'm half way through. Currently I'm doing immunotherapy every 3 weeks. I am happy to chat with you about anything not just treatment. It's good to see you are enjoying the good things in life, cancer shouldn't stop you being happy and having fun. We are a great bunch of people on this forum who support each other through the good and bad days and we know how to laugh as well.

    For now have a good day hope to chat in the future.


  • Hi tricia welcome to the group  will say everyone I've met on here are great and very help full xxx

  • Hi Tricia and welcome, if you want to rant, moan, or just talk rubbish, your in the right place, look out for the good morning crowded they are nuts.

  • Ulls are uou calling me and Ellie A123 Annette ,Rainiday Tvman and the rest NUTS. ????? I think your the Leader of the gang in the men and us ladies are just bliss. Hugs xx


  • Nice to meet you Hamhat. thankyou for responding when you have been through so much. I hope we can have many chats together. Iam always here if you need anything . sending you lots of hugs and best wishes. xx

  • Hi Dotty. thankyou for the welcome. People here are great and supportive. xx

  • Hi Ulls thankyou for the welcome. People tell me im quite good at talking rubbish lol. Looking forward to meeting the good morning crowd.xx

  • Hi Tricia and sorry for the fac I'm a bit late in welcoming you! Like Tvman I am well passed my sell by date. Yes I suppose you do get used to itused to it. I am on holiday in Benidorm at the minute so the Wi-Fi is a bit hit & miss. It's good you can talk rubbish, you will fit right in! I'm looking forward to getting to know you in the coming days, months & years! No one can say for sure how long we have, so let's just enjoy every day as it comes! Smile, it costs nothing and can cheer you up! Take care.

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Hi Anndan nice to meet you. Thankyou for the welcome and advice. Hope youre having a great holiday in Benidorm and the sun is shining . What a lovely quote and so true. i shall look forward to chatting with you too. Take care and sending best wishes to you. xx