Saying hello for the first time

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i have been diagnosed with stage 4 renal cancer. I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello

  • Hi Jackie

    Sorry you have had to find us, and wish it was for a better reason, but it is not.

    Every one here is in the same club, and you will get a lot of support, from everyone.

    You can ask what ever you may want, and some one will always get back to you.

    Some one will always get back to you, you can moan, rant, scream, shout or laugh.

    You are not alone, their are lots of us, though all different types of cancer, but one thing it is cancer,. 

    Hope others come along, to welcome you, i am sure they will.


  • Thank you Ellie!

    i definitely want to rant and moan!!

  • Well rant and moan, we have all done it, your not alone,

  • Hi  welcome to the group, but sorry you find yourself here. As Ellie has said, this is the one place you will find other people that know what you are going through. I hope you find the group helpful, and I look forward to chatting with you more x 


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    Maya Angelou

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  • Hi  , I replied to you, hit reply and it has disappeared! 

    I'm so sorry to meet you here Jackie, I'd much rather it was elsewhere. It must be such a shock for you, it was for me too. I was diagnosed with an incurable bone marrow cancer in March 2015, almost 8 years ago. Like your cancer, mine is treatable too so I hope you have a slice of good fortune too.

    Take care Jackie

    Tvman xx 

    Love life and family.
  • Hi Jackie

    • It is a bit sh*t isn’t it? You probably have all sorts of feelings, thoughts and worries. This may be the place you come to ponder aloud and rant and say all the things you feel you can’t say to nearest and dearest for whatever reason. I have already found some lovely kind people here who understand what I’m going through and don’t judge you for how you are feeling. 

      Big hugs to you
    • Jac x
  • Thank you, it is hard to know what to say, there is so much!

  • Jackie just start and it will flow, i was diagnosed incurable from day one, and come next month for me it will be 7 years.i know how you are filling been there, and still here to moan about it,

  • yes your head is in a whirl, so many questions and what if only normal