Chemo , knowing no cure

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I wonder if others with a terminal diagnosis ( but are receiving chemo)

make the decision to stop chemo after weighing up time spent

travelling to and from treatment, attending appointments,

taking meds, perhaps remaining time can be spent  

on  more valuable things?

  • Hi and welcome!

    Well it depends if the chemo would work to slow down the cancer at least...or if the side effects are really bad. Some of us are living a long time after our "sell by dates"..i get immuno therapy and life over 7 years now, incurable...terminal. So for me, it's worth it.

  • Thank you Pet 1968, I needed a dose of optimism!

    think  worth tolerating another round of Chemo.

  • I can't speak for chemo, but all i was offered was 2 wks of Radiotherapy.

    After the first week i struggled with going back for the second, I didn't see the point. Both my son & sister wanted to me to continue. They said that ....'even if having that one week would only give them an extra month with me it would be worth it'

    I did go back for the second week and i'm glad i did.

    Good luck 


  • Yes you are right, there are other people to consider,

    I suppose side effect’s become more manageable 

    once you know what to expect. Thank you

  • Well i have told my family i will do more treatment, though when i have had enough, that is my choice and i will not carry on just for them, it will not be them going threw the way i might fill, so they know, when i say enough is enough that is my lot.

  • I have asked elsewhere here about the effects. My treatment starts soon. I find out tomorrow. The effect is obviously different for everyone. Now I am going to get hammered for sure ,as my cancer ain’t goin’ away. However,I am a big ,tough,bald headed guy who has NEVER been to hospital. I have a choice. Give in now. Or fight. Well my wife calls me her Viking Warrior! 

    So this Warrior’s going into battle! 

    if,later down the line,the treatment starts to beat me,or whatever, then I’ll have to change my plans. As you say Sakchi,the side effects may be manageable,and that is a great thought! But right now ,I am ready to fight! 

    you take care x

  • Good luck for tomorrow  Fingers crossed


    Love life and family.
  • Hi sakti I had chemo  the first bout of it was scary  but when they added the immunotherapy to the second one I had an allergic reaction to it felt as tho that was the end but I carried on and came out of the first round bald had no other symptoms  can't say same for radiotherapy sickness got me and the constant travelling everyday to and from hospital  but I got through it and now on a break  and got to be honest  not posted on here for a while but do have a glance now and then I am 55 and trying to live the best life I can until the end xxxgood luck 

  • Bald headed?  That’s the way to start treatment, think you will need a knitted 

    viking helmet in a very bright color!

    good luck tomorrow, keep a diary 

    1. of. how you feel , and always remember your name and date of birth,

    I might get a tattoo of mine !!!

  • Yes , I’m trying to listen to other’s opinions, but like you 

    I will make my own decisions on what is tolerable,

    today no fog, tomorrow. possibly sun, bulbs starting

    to appear, take care