Hi im new to the group. I'm just trying to find my way in the chats

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Hi. I dont no if this is the right group to be honest I don't really no how to post and things .I'm hoping I've done this right so I can chat to people in the same situation as me 

  • That's the thing I was only unwell for few days. I worked full time untill my diagnosis 8 months later and only left as I cudnt get me head around things and cudnt concentrate at work. So from taking poorly untill my diagnosis, I worked and lead a normal life.then bang the carpet was totally ripped from under me when I seen that doc and he told me.never in a million years did I expect those words. Not after 8 months .x

  • Hi Bev, what have you been up to today, I've been cooking meals for next week, some call it batch cooking, anyway fish tonight. Do you see your friend with the dog of a weekend, and get out the house. After dinner will watch a bit of rubbish telly and probably drag Ray out for a walk. (I don't have a dog, I have a Ray) he's lovely really lol . Sending hugs , keep chatting  xx


  • Hiya u took meself on a bus rife out today .Pass few hours away didn't see my friend today was to late by time u got back. Hope you well x

  • I ment I took myself on a bus ride. X

  • Yes Bev I'm ok Thumbsup glad you got out today.  Do you have family you can visit. Its important to mix and talk. Get intouch  with macmillan as I said they do free Holistic treatments  for about 6 or so sessions. Chat later xx


  • Hi  , welcome to the group but I'd rather have met you elsewhere. Sorry you find yourself in this situation but don't worry, you'll get lots of support and understanding here. 

    You'll find it difficult to get your head round all the texting but after a while it'll become second nature to you and if you need to know anything, just ask. I look forward to chatting with you soon.

    Take care

    Tvman xx

    Love life and family.
  • Hi Bev sorry about the late response but just read your post, the way you have discribed your feelings are a good reflection of how we all feel at times, I've read what our ladies have been saying to you and they are right, and a grand bunch they are, just don't tell them I said so. All the best Ulls 

    • Hi Moi,  how do i get the Macmillan holistic treatments? Is there a link on this site? I can't see it. X
  • My oncologist put me forward for it. I'd phone macmillan help line and ask they'll give you the details. I hope your well xx


  • Ha ha you think your me !!! I'm always correcting myself lol xx