Incurable Brain cancer

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Good morning folks. As on the brain cancer section I will be brief - it’s my way. I have the above. Just had a large part of tumour removed. Healing well. Convulsions seem to be under control and no pain. Waiting for radiotherapy and I am told ,constant chemotherapy until I can stand it no more. I am positive,quite cheerful too. I have no time to waste being miserable if honest. I am sure I’ll get the odd day though. My wife is trying to be similar bless her.

so that’s me,and thanks for letting me in here

  • No thanks needed, though sorry you have to be here.

    Great bunch of people here and we give support to each and every one, and get the same back.

    We all get our down moments that's for sure, though as you say, cannot be down all the time.

    It is a bit like a song, the long and winding way, sorry i do have to try and see different side of things,

    I hope others come along and welcome you, i know they will.

    Pleased to met you, though do wish it had been else where,


  • Many thanks. Reading as I did here yesterday on the general forum,there are so many poorly folks. I am not being picked on! Indeed my wife has overcome serious breast cancer. You couldn’t make it up. Some of the comments about the positive side of treatment have boosted us somewhat,my wife particularly. Don’t get me wrong, I am not daft. There will be tough times,but time is valuable,and cheerfulness is better than it’s opposite.

  • I quiet agree with you, we must always have hope, .

    I know how you fill, i was diagnosed, i finished a course of treatment then hubby got a dx, did lose him, then last year daughter got a diagnosis, life is s,,t some times, though you have to carry on.

    New treatments coming out all the time, i have found that out, since i got diagnosis, Believe it or not i aim on waay to hospital, for results of my scans.

    Would love to chat more, but glad you have found us all, though at times we can also be crazy. Later xx

  • Hi Mumf, sorry you have to join this site, but we're all in the same boat and understand how you feel. We are very supportive, caring people and there is a good sense of humour as well. If you feel like ranting then this is the place to let loose. So pleased your wife is doing well. Luv to hear of people getting the all clear. Me well I was given 12 to 18 months 3 years ago October gone. Still here. Infact my latest scan results (yesterday)say I'm still stable. I don't intend going anywhere, I'm staying  put. Yes we all have down days but get back on the positive side again. I find music and dance help me, we all have out own ways of getting through.  Take care Mumf and keep posting xx


  • Hi and a warm welcome I do like your attitude to being positive and cheerful pleased the healing is going well with the rumour removal you will get loads of support in our group always when you need us you keep fighting on huge hugs xxx

  • Another thanks.Had a letter and call from the local hospital. Appointment and chat on the 23rd, and then we take it on! Feeling quite well apart from aching legs . I am an active and fit man. I have done hard ,physical work as a butcher for 41 years,and fishing is my passion. Been in bed and sitting for a month. That’s slowed me down! So some exercise is necessary.  It would be nice if that was the worst.! 

  • Welcome to our special part of the forum. We don't want to be here, but we're here regardless, all in the same boat and there are some lovely people here who will help with practical experience as well as support along the way. We also have an often weird and wonderful sense of humour running through some of the threads - and that is very much what we all need sometimes. Hugs from Rainie x

  • That’ll do for me ,thanks. X 

  • Welcome to the group   but so sorry you have had to join us. Like  has said, there is a great bunch of people here, who all know what it’s like to be told you have an incurable cancer. All of our journeys are different, but we are there for each other every step of the way. I hope you find the group helpful x 


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  • I would start with walks and build up slowly, till you can go fishing again, as for the physical stuff slowly slowly don't burn yourself out.. I say this from experience, took me a year to get ride of that bloody walking stick and now I walk dance the lot xx